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Dead Boy Detectives Jenny Green Portrayed By Briana Cuoco Can Witness Supernatural Happenings

Jenny is socially awkward person with numerous tattoos on her body.

Briana Cuoco, playing Jenny, got possessed by David the Demon and now can witness all supernatural happenings in Dead Boy Detectives.

Dead Boy Detectives is the 2024 Netflix adaption of DC Vertigo’s comic book of the same name.

The story revolves around the ghost boys Edwin and Charles, who track the world’s supernatural crimes.

Likewise, Jenny is a mysterious character who landlords other characters’ apartments. Her unique look and character traits make her stand out in the show.

Jenny Green The Butcher Had A Close Call With Death

Jenny Green is one of the most intriguing characters with a punk appearance, often seen having disinterest in others in Dead Boy Detectives.

Having said that, the butcher cares about the people, although she is terrible at expressing emotions.

Jenny, the owner of the Tongue & Tail butcher shop, met Crystal when she stumbled upon her while looking for a room.

Cyrstal claimed she was a 22-year-old girl. Despite knowing the claim is a lie, Jenny offers to give her a room as long as she pays religiously.

Usually portrayed as a pessimist, the punk butcher’s personality changes after she learns she has a secret admirer.

Jenny started getting love letters from a stranger, which she kept safely in a box.

Despite her interest in discovering who the secret admirer is, Niko goes out of her way to find the person behind the letters.

The secret admirer turns out to be Maxine, the local librarian. After confronting Maxine, Niko sets up a date without Jenny’s consent.

Initially, the date goes well until things go downhill when Maxine reveals she stalks Jenny, watching her from outside her window.

Jenny calls off the date, but Maxine picks up her meat cleaver and attacks her.

However, before Maxine can give the final blow, she trips and falls on the cleaver, killing herself on the spot.

Jenny Butcher Gains The Ability To Observe All Supernatural Occurrences

The butcher, Jenny, can witness all the supernatural events after getting possessed by David and her close call to death.

Meanwhile, Crystal, a psychic past with David, is fraught with supernatural complexities. So he goes to the skating rink to confront her ex, David, who once possessed her.

Unknown to David’s reality, Jenny accompanies Crystal to give emotional support while she confronts him.

Unfortunatley, during the fight, David ends up possessing Jenny until Crystal defeats him by burying him under the magical tree.

Jenny demands Niko and Crystal explain the situation after she wakes up in Niko’s room.

She then learns about the ghost boys, Edwin and Charles, and Crystal’s ex, David the demon.

No one can see Edwin and Charles unless they’re supernatural themselves or have had a close call with death.

After her near-death experience with Maxine and possessed experience with David, Jenny can see Edwin, Charles, and supernatural happenings.

In the last episode of the season, when Crystal is bidding a touching farewell after recovering her memories, Esther blows up Jenny’s shop and kidnaps Edwin and Charles.

Jenny, fully aware of all the supernatural events, supports Crystal and Niko in confronting the witch Esther, who took the boys.

Not knowing if it might help, she gives the girls the meat cleavers as they prepare to save the boys from Esther.

Crystal and Niko save the boys, but the latter is killed in the fight during the confrontation with the witch.

Jenny can now see the boys and all paranormal events all because of the collective experiences, including getting possessed by David and near-death experiences.

Additional Information

  • Jenny didn’t want to be a butcher by profession. However, she had no choice but to run the shop after inheriting it from her father.
  • The butcher doesn’t blame Niko for what happened to Maxine. However, she hasn’t forgiven Niko for setting up the date without her consent.
  • Crystal can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. She can also erase memoeries from other people.
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