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Unveiling Gab Taraboulsy’s Financial Success from the Kardashians to the Culinary World

Gab Taraboulsy is a three times James Beard-Nominated Filmmaker.

Gab Taraboulsy addresses himself as a lifelong learner and a passionate filmmaker who is down-to-earth without flaunting his significant fortune.

Gab Taraboulsy, born Gabriel Taraboulsy, is a producer and assistant director based in Los Angeles. He is widely known for Heritage, The Grill Iron, and My First Movie.

Young Sheldon actress Zoe Perry’s husband, Gab, is passionate about the culinary world. He is passionate about unfolding stories happening in kitchens and restaurants.

Some of his producing credits include The Kardashians, Funke, Heritage, A Perfect Day in LA, The Grill Iron, The Festival, Summer, and more.

Gab Taraboulsy Earned a Significant Sum from his Thriving Career

The Canadian producer Gab Taraboulsy undoubtedly has procured a sound fortune and assets from his career in filmmaking.

Gab is the co-owner of Delicious Cinema, an LA-based full-service production company earning him a sound fortune.

Simultaneously, he has been the supervising producer of Fulwell 73 Productions for over a year since August 2021.

Likewise, Gab previously served on the creative development team of Whalerock Industries, which procures a revenue between $50 million and $100 million.

He also worked as the producer and director of the media production house Tastemade from June 2014 until December 2017.

According to Glass Door’s report, a supervising producer procures between $95K and $172K annually.

Given the information given above, Gab’s net worth should be around $1 million. If not, the given figures may not account for all his assets.

He facilitated as the supervising producer for the prominent TV reality series The Kardashians in 2022.

Reportedly, the Kardashians Jenner family were paid nine figures, at least $100 million each, reflecting the utmost prominence of the show.

Considering the series’s prominence and vast procurement, he should’ve amassed a significant sum.

With such extensive experience in the filmmaking and entrepreneurship world, it is reasonable to conclude Gab enjoys a sound financial situation and a sophisticated lifestyle.

A Brief Look into Gab Taraboulsy’s Successful Career Trajectory

In addition to producing, Gab explored other areas of filmmaking, including directing, with 9 directing credits on his IMDb profile.

In his LinkedIn bio, the producer addresses himself as a perpetual learner, which reflects his workaholic and passionate nature.

He has dedicated his life to presenting the delicious stories happening on plates, with a passion for covering stories in the culinary industry.

The Canadian producer Gab graduated from Columbia University with a master of fine arts degree in film and directing.

Looking at his academics, he appears inclined to filmmaking since an early age. He completed his diploma in Cinema and Communications at Dawson College.

Eventually, he explored cinema making, completing filmmaking and producing in La Fémis (National School of Image and Sound Professions).

He leveraged his expertise in his expertise in his career, exploring and experimenting with different aspects of filmmaking.

Gab produced and directed Tastemade’s Original Series, including The Grill Iron, Heritage, Untapped, and Made Here.

Additional Information

  • The Canadian producer, Gab, is a bilingual with proficiency in English and French language.
  • He earned the first place in the Vogue Fragrance and Film Competition for the best commercial for Gucci by Gucci Perfume, issued by Vogue Magazine.
  • The multi-award winner, Gab, completed his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University in 2003.
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