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Love Island Harriet Blackmore Before and After Surgery Rumors Ignite Following Resurfaced Video

Harriet has been involved in a love triangle with fellow contestants Ronnie and Jess.

The video from vlogger Saffron Barker featuring Harriet from five years ago shows a noticeable difference in her looks before joining Love Island.

Harriet Blackmore, known from the reality TV show Love Island 2024, is a 24-year-old personal shopper and dancer.

She entered the show on Monday, June 3rd, and as of the latest update, she is still part of the ongoing season.

Her presence in the villa has been notable, especially given her major hair makeover before the show.

Harriet Blackmore’s Stunning Transformation Before the Glam of Love Island

Harriet Blackmore, also known as Harri, has been in the spotlight for her dramatic transformation before entering the villa.

Before entering the villa, Harriet was already known as the “it girl of Brighton” and had connections with well-known personalities like vlogger Saffron Barker and rapper Arrdee.

While there is no explicit mention of surgery, social media discussions suggest that she had a major hair makeover or possibly other cosmetic enhancements.

A video from five years ago featuring Harriet that has resurfaced shows Harriet looking quite different from how she appears now on the show.

This transformation has led to discussions and comments on social media. Some fans speculate that she might have had cosmetic enhancements.

Moreover, fans have noticed changes in her lips and have speculated about using fillers as her lips appear much fuller now.

One of the individuals with a YouTube handle, @Lucia-xx6eu, commented on the resurfaced video, saying :

I still cannot believe this is Harriet from love island!!!

However, there’s no official confirmation of any surgical procedures, and Blackmore herself has not publicly addressed these speculations.

Harriet Blackmore’s Hair Transformation Became a Signature Part of Her Love Island Look

Harriet Blackmore underwent a significant hair transformation before entering the villa.

Her hairstylist, Ellie Lock, who specializes in hair extensions, revealed that Harriet’s look was achieved using Beauty Works 22″ Slimline Tape Extensions.

Moreover, Ellie revealed they combined extension shades, including Brond’ombre, Espresso Brown, Mocha Melt, and St. Tropez, to create a bronde-toned appearance.

This makeover has certainly caught the attention of viewers and fans on social media.

Additional Information

  • Harriett Blackmore holds a degree in Musical Theatre.
  • Her brother is Henry Blackmore who plays football for Peacehaven and Telscombe Football Club.
  • She has worked as a personal shopper for a celebrities like Brighton rapper Arrdee.
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