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Crafting Authenticity in Historical Drama Shardlake Through Diverse European Landscapes

Shardlake has 4 episodes in season 1 and all are available to watch.

Shardlake TV series was filmed in several European locations, such as Romania, Hungary, and Austria, to recreate the 16th-century England setting authentically.

Shardlake is a TV series based on the historical mystery novels by C.J. Sansom set during the reign of Henry VIII (16th century).

The story centers on Matthew Shardlake, a character who delves into the mysterious death of a commissioner.

This investigation takes place in the secluded town of Scarnsea amidst the dissolution of the monasteries.

This series is known for its mystery adventure and rich historical backdrop, and it is filmed in several European countries.

A Cinematic Journey of Shardlake Through Hungary, Austria, and Romania

The TV series Shardlake, set in the 16th century during the dissolution of the monasteries, was filmed in several European locations including Austria, Romania, and Hungary.

The scenes shot in Vienna, Austria, prominently featured the Kreuzenstein Castle.

The showrunners sought locations across Europe with the right architecture and general aesthetic to recreate the authentic look of sixteenth-century England.

Kreuzenstein Castle in Vienna perfectly fulfilled this requirement, offering an ideal location for the series.

Another location where this series is filmed in Transylvania, Romania. Moreover, the scenes shot there featured the Hunedoara Castle, also known as Corvin Castle.

The production team used the Hunedoara Castle to record various key sequences, capturing the essence of the era and enhancing the series’ visual storytelling.

This Gothic-Renaissance castle was chosen for its striking architecture and historical significance.

Likewise, the castle’s grandeur and medieval features provide an authentic environment for the narrative, which is set during the dissolution of the monasteries.

Several scenes were filmed in Hungary because of its captivating landscapes, which serve as the versatile setting of the 16th century.

Moreover, Hungary played a significant role as one of the primary production locations for the show.

These locations were chosen for their authentic medieval architecture and their ability to evoke the aesthetic and atmosphere of Tudor England.

Their apparent structure and surroundings provided the necessary backdrop for the series, enhancing the storytelling with its genuine historical ambiance.

The series’ compelling performances and intriguing plot make it a must-watch for fans of historical murder mysteries.

If you like historical mysteries set during the stormy Tudor era, Shardlake might be the one for you.

Additional Information

  • The principal photography for the series started in late March 2023.
  • The series premiered on Disney+ on May 1, 2024.
  • Sadly, C.J. Sansom, the author of the Shardlake books, passed away aged 71, just two days before the series aired.
Sangita Budhathoki
Sangita Budhathoki
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  1. We’ve just finished watching the series and were really curious about the locations so thanks very much for this article!


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