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The Unique Hand Gun Used By The Ghoul In Fallout Caught The Attention Of Many Fans

The Ghoul skull-nosed appearance make him a memorable character in the Fallout universe.

In the Fallout TV series, the character The Ghoul wields a unique and powerful weapon, specifically a handgun or cannon, which is distinct from the gun that appears in the game.

Fallout (2024) is a TV show set in a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles devastated by nuclear fusion.

Cooper Howard, played by Walton Goggins in Fallout, becomes The Ghoul due to radiation exposure following the nuclear blast. 

Howard was a celebrated Hollywood actor before the Great War of 2077. He starred in movies like “A Man and His Dog.”

Moreover, two hundred years later, by 2296, he works as a bounty hunter in the wasteland, fighting with different factions.

Apart from his brilliant acting in the show, the weapon he used is the most talked-about item among the fans.

The Weapon Used By The Ghoul In Fallout Show Is A Hand Cannon

The Ghoul wields a hand cannon throughout the series, which is unlike anything seen in the games so far.

The hand cannon is a weapon that fires essentially shotgun slugs. It’s a powerful and unique firearm that makes Ghoul stand out from his opponents.

The bullets fired by this gun are rocket-powered and significantly larger than a typical 410 shotgun shell. They have explosive capabilities making them devastating in combat.

Additionally, the bullets resemble smaller mini-nukes, although they don’t cause the same level of destruction.

While it’s not directly based on any existing Fallout game weapon, fans have drawn comparisons to various firearms.

Some think it is a modified version of the MTs255 with a shorter barrel, while others feel it is similar to the bolters from Warhammer 40k.

The gun is also compared to a revolver that resembles the 10mm Pistol from the Fallout video game.

In-game Appearance Of The Ghoul Gun From The Fallout Series

While The Ghoul’s weapon isn’t directly replicated from the mainline Fallout games, its unique design has certainly caught the attention of fans.

However, the game Fallout has a Fallout Shelter weapon called the Ghoul Revolver, inspired by the Ghoul’s character.

It was added in an update and can be found in lunchboxes or created in a weapon workshop.

The Ghoul revolver deals damage of 8-12, and you’ll need a high Agility stat to make the weapon in the workshop.

Other than that, the Gun in the show is completely different from the Ghoul revolver’s appearance in the in-game.

Moreover, Ghoul’s gun’s appearance and unique ammunition in Fallout make it a standout piece of equipment in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.


  • Cooper Howard’s wife, Barb, held a significant position at Vault-Tec, the company responsible for constructing Vaults to protect people during the fallout.
  • Cooper Howard before becoming the Ghoul was also a model for Vault-Tec’s promotional campaign.
  • Howard, despite his ghoul transformation, clings to the hope of reuniting with his wife and daughter.
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