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Horsepower By Post Malone: Energetic Soundtrack In Road House 2024

Horsepower is the new soundtrack by Post Malone featured in the beginning and before the post-credit scene of the new movie Road House 2024, available on Amazon Prime.

Road House is a 2024 remake American action film directed by Doug Liman and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

While it pays homage to the original 1989 film, this version carries its distinctive­ style and contemporary appeal.

In the film, the high-energy track by Post Malone stands out as one of the distinctive soundtracks.

Moreover, the exquisite songs elevate the entire scene while also marking significant moments in the film’s narrative.

Horsepower By Post Malone In Road House

The song “Horsepower” by Post Malone is part of the diverse soundtrack for the 2024 remake of the movie Road House.

The soundtrack is featured at the beginning of the movie and during the rolling credits, enhancing the film’s modernized story.

Likewise, the song has been praised for its eclectic mix and for contributing to the positive reception of the movie.

However, the singer has not yet released the official song, and it is not available on any streaming platforms.

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Further, Post Malone’s involvement in the movie extends beyond contributing to the soundtrack.

He also makes a special appearance in the movie as Carter Ford, a fighter who refuses to face off against Elwood Dalton at the beginning of the film.

All Soundtracks In The Movie Road House 2024

The plot of Road House revolves around a retired UFC fighter who takes on the role of a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys.

The film seamlessly blends elements of rock, country, and blues music from different artists into its narrative.

Post Malone’s unreleased track, Horsepower, kicks off the movie, setting the tone for this action-packed thriller.

Apart from Horsepower, there are additional soundtracks by other artists featured in the movie.

The music in the movie plays a significant role in setting the tone for the film. Here are some standout tracks:

Moreover, the music, combined with Jake Gyllenhaal’s iconic performance, contributes to the film’s enduring popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Stars In The Movie Road House 2024?

In addition to Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, the cast for Road House 2024 includes Daniela Melchior as Ellie, Conor McGregor as Knox, Jessica Williams as Frankie, and others.

Where Was Road House 2024 Filmed?

The majority of scenes for the film were filmed in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Who Is Dalton’s Girlfriend In Road House 2024?

In the movie, Jake Dalton develops a romantic relationship with Ellie, played by Daniela Melchior.

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