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“Malcolm In the Middle” Once Again Face Speculation About Leaving Hulu

"Malcolm in the Middle" ended in season 7 due to low viewership, despite plans for season 8.

American sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle” is surrounded by speculation that it might be leaving Hulu by the end of June 2024, as it was initially noted to be removed from the platform by July 2022.

Malcolm in the Middle,” created by Linwood Boomer, is a 2000 American family comedy television sitcom for Fox.

This dark-humored series is about a genius kid “Malcolm” and his dysfunctional lower-middle-class family.

American actor and racer Francisco Muniz IV plays Malcolm on the sitcom, bringing his comedic talent.

“Malcolm in the Middle,” a Popular American Family Comedy Sitcom, Streamed From Fox to Hulu

Malcolm in the Middle first made its appearance on January 9, 2000, on Fox Broadcasting Company.

The comedy sitcom successfully ran on Fox, showcasing the middle-class family life of American people until its last episode, which was broadcast on May 14, 2006.

Following its successful completion in December 2017, the TV shows became available on Hulu, buying its rights for a certain period.

With this situation, there is some speculation that “Malcolm In The Middle” will be leaving Hulu by the end of June 2024.

However, to support this speculation, there is no official statement by the creator or the network itself.

Meanwhile, the sitcom Malcolm In The Middle is still available on Hulu, with 151 episodes in all seven seasons.

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This is not the first time speculation has surrounded the show’s departure from Hulu; in July 2022, there was a notice that “Malcolm in the Middle” would leave Hulu.

As Hulu occasionally removes some shows and movies after its license expires, this might have led to speculation about the removal of “Malcolm In The Middle” from Hulu.

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Furthermore, this comedy sitcom was previously known for occasionally changing its streaming house.

Before it became available on Hulu, Malcolm In The Middle was available on popular platforms like Netflix and, later on, Disney Plus.

Overall, following the show’s track record, “Malcolm in the Middle” is likely to remain available on a streaming service, whether it’s Hulu or another platform.

Additional Information

  • The opening theme song of Malcolm in the Middle, “Boss of Me” by They Might Be Giants, won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written.
  • The series finale attracted 7.4 million viewers, a significant increase from its average viewership at the time.
  • Jane Kaczmarek received seven Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Malcolm in the Middle.
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