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‘Relaxed’ Screenings

‘Relaxed’ format screenings are programmed at Belmont Filmhouse for the benefit of those with autism and anyone else who would benefit from a slightly less formalised cinema experience. They feature slightly raised lighting, slightly lowered sound and audiences are free to move around the space and come and go as required. 

These screenings are programmed in association with Grampian Autistic Society, who have a wealth of information on autism and activities across the Grampian region. 

A Hidden Life | Mon 10th Feb at 1.15pm | INFO / TICKETS

Chicken Run | Sun 16th Feb at 11.00am | INFO / TICKETS

My Neighbour Totoro | Sat 29 Feb at 11.00am | INFO / TICKETS

Military Wives | Thu 12 Mar at 2.30pm | INFO / TICKETS

When Marnie Was There | Sun 22 Mar at 11.00am | INFO / TICKETS

**Please note the above dates and times are correct, and printed brochure times may contain errors. 

Sarina Thapa
Sarina Thapa
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