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Jake Borelli, Aka Levi Schmitt, Weight Gain isn’t a Requirement for the Series

Jake is currently in discussions to make appearances across several episodes to conclude Levi Schmitt's storyline in Grey's Anatomy.

Jake Borelli, an American actor known for portraying Levi Schmitt in Grey’s Anatomy, has gained some pounds since joining the ABC medical drama series.

Meanwhile, the exclusive news of Jake reportedly leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 7 years as Levi Schmitt is making grand waves online.

Jake and Midori Francis are set to exit the series, while other regulars will return for the forthcoming season.

The prime reason behind his departure from the series

Jake Borelli’s Prominent Weight Gain Sparks Concerns Among Fans

Although Jake’s weight gain has not been officially confirmed, it is evident that the actor has put on some pounds.

Jake’s being fat is reflected in his portrayal of Levi Schmitt in the series, which has become a major concern for netizens.

The actor adding some pounds remains a topic of speculation, but it appears to be a personal choice rather than a requirement for his character on the show.

Previously, he wasn’t committed to any other projects besides Grey’s Anatomy; it was safe to say that he most likely didn’t put on calories to play any other particular character.

Having said that, Jake’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy adds suspense to his increased pounds. Nonetheless, the actor’s upcoming projects remain unknown so far.

Similarly, the actor had real appendicitis while playing a fake doctor in the series. He reportedly underwent an emergency appendectomy in 2022.

Given the fact above, some users on Reddit discussion are speculating if he’s getting a little healthier had something to do with his diagnosis of appendicitis.

A user named Marzimarzipan mentioned that Jake noted that he had appendicitis, which might explain his weight chances due to medication and recovery.

The comment reads,’

He had appendicitis.

It’s likely due to meds and lymphoedema which to the other commenter, shame doesn’t fix.

Sometimes nothing fixes.

It’s an inflammatory response and the best treatment is to stay off your feet, which you can’t do when filming Grey’s.

That said, the prime reason behind Jake’s weight gain remains ambiguous.

Regardless, we should appreciate his portrayal of Levi Schmitt and celebrate the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

Grey Anatomy Subreddit Ignites Debate on Jake Borelli’s Adding Some Pounds

An engaging subreddit of Grey’s Anatomy, which discusses Jake’s body, has amassed 35 upvotes and 121 comments.

The Reddit discussion ignites a heated debate with varying perspectives on body image and the health of someone’s appearance.

Some expressed sympathy for the actor, noting the unnecessary body shaming he endured.

On the other hand, some defended Jake, emphasizing that it can happen for numerous reasons, including health issues, medications, and stress.

A user stressed the importance of compassion, stating that shaming rarely motivates positive change but can lead to further psychological and physical harm.

Likewise, the Reddit discussion sheds light on societal standards and highlights the media’s role in shaping health and beauty standards.

Some comments criticized the unrealistic standards placed on public figures and how these so-called standards can contribute to body shaming.

He’s not obese, he went from quite thin to having a very average body type.

The comment above emphasized the fine line between expressing concern for health and falling into the trap of body shaming.

Additional Information

  • The American actor, Jake Borelli, has 28 acting credits on his resume.
  • He landed the role of Levi Schmitt on Grey’s Anatomy in 2017, the same year when he secured a role in Netflix film “Reality High.”
  • Jake is specualted to be in a relationship with Chase Williamson, a photographer.
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