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Bail For Nick Pasqual’s Set at $1,075,000 May Affect His Estimated Net Worth

Let's hope for Allie Shehorn's swift recovery and fair legal proceedings.

Actor Nick Pasqual has recently made headlines for a disturbing incident that could potentially downfall his net worth.

Nick Pasqual is known for his roles in TV series such as How I Met Your Mother and films like director Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon.

He has worked as a producer and contributed to the music department in various projects.

Recently, he has been in the news for a serious legal matter and charged with attempted murder.

The incident has brought attention to the issue of domestic violence and its consequences.

Actor Nick Pasqual’s Legal Proceedings Could Impact His Financial Standing

On May 23, 2024, Nick Pasqual was arrested for allegedly breaking into his estranged girlfriend’s home and stabbing her multiple times.

The bail for his arrest warrant is $1,075,000, potentially impacting his reported estimated net worth of $11.6 million.

Before his arrest, he gained recognition in the entertainment industry. Also, he made guest appearances on TV shows, significantly boosting his financial status. 

The victim, makeup artist Allie Shehorn, had recently filed a restraining order against him.

She was hospitalized with critical injuries and underwent multiple surgeries in her right arm and closed wounds in her neck.

This serious accusation and the subsequent legal proceedings might significantly affect his career and financial status.

Nick has been charged with attempted murder and first-degree residential burglary with a person present.

Additionally, he is accused of injuring a spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child’s parent.

If convicted on all charges, Nick Pasqual could face a maximum life sentence in prison.

Our thoughts go out to the victim, Shehorn, as she embarks on the difficult journey of healing from both the physical and emotional trauma.

Additional Information

  • Allie Shehorn is an award-winning Hollywood makeup artist who has worked on notable projects such as Rebel Moon, Mean Girls, and Babylon.
  • Pasqual allegedly fled and was detained at a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas.
  • Allie Shehorns was found by her surrogate mother and immediatelt taken to the hospital.
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