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Kate Merrill’s Abrupt Departure From WBZ-TV News Concerns Fans: What is She Doing Now?

She has reported live from multiple Patriots Super Bowls.

As of June 6,2024, Kate Merrill has not officially stated her future plans after leaving WBZ-TV news in Boston.

An Emmy award-winning American journalist, Kate Merrill was a news anchor for WBZ-TV News in Boston during weekday mornings and noon newscasts.

Kate, born on December 11, 1973, is actively involved in philanthropy and volunteers with local organizations.

She is often recognized as the sister of the famous actress Susie Abromeit, who starred in Netflix Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Kate Merrill Final Broadcast in Mid-May on Migrant Children in Education

Kate Merrill, the beloved WBZ-TV morning news anchor, has unexpectedly resigned after over two decades at the station.

The company provided a brief statement to The Boston Globe, stating,

“Kate has decided to move on from WBZ. Thanks for the inquiry. We value our loyal viewers.”

However, the station did not explain further the reasons behind her abrupt departure. Also, her biography has also been removed from WBZ-TV’s list of staffers.

She has not publicly commented about leaving the network despite her sudden exit. As of now, her current activities after leaving WBZ remain undisclosed.

Her last appearance on air was in mid-May, with her final story focusing on migrant children in the public school system.

Merrill’s sudden exit adds to a growing list of anchors recently leaving WBZ-TV.

Likewise, Liam Martin exited the station in March, citing the challenges of the early morning shift and mental health difficulties, while meteorologist Zack Green left the morning news show in September 2023.

Despite the lack of official information, her followers have flooded her Facebook page, which is unavailable now, with well-wishes messages.

While we await further updates on Kate Merrill’s next steps, her legacy as a well-known anchor and reporter at WBZ-TV since 2004 continues to resonate with viewers.

Kate Merrill Journey from Reporter to Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Kate began her broadcasting career at Fox affiliate WICZ-TV. She then moved to WKRN-TV in Nashville, Tennessee, where she worked as a reporter and anchor from 1998 to 2003.

Merrill has covered every major story in Boston, including the 2013 Marathon bombings and the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Her career peaked when she received an Emmy Award for covering the 1999 tornado outbreak. Moreover, she received two other awards for her investigative reporting.

Moreover, her career, marked by dedication to journalism and community service, has made her a notable figure in broadcasting.

Additional Information

  • Kate Merrill is a graduate of Lafayette College and holds a bachelor of arts degree in government and law.
  • Kate and her two teenage daughters volunteer with many local organizations, including The American Red Cross, Boston Food Pantry, Open Table, and Minuteman Arc.
  • Her husband, Mike Dunham won a National Championship at the University of Maine.
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