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Keith Robinson’s Journey of Comedic Career Leading to Financial Success

Keith Robinson has been active in the industry for almost four decades since 1985.

Keith Robinson is a notable stand-up comedian who earned hefty income from his triumphant career trajectory in the comedy scene and entertainment industry.

Recently, during his Kevin Hart’s Mark Twain Award Presentation speech, the stand-up comedian exclusively shared his life-changing story of suffering a stroke.

The stroke left the comedian with paralysis on one side of his body and slurred speech. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped him from performing.

A Stroll to the Kingdom Built by Keith Robinson from his Comedic Career

American stand-up comedian Keith Robinson’s estimated net worth is between $1 and $5 million.

Although the figure above may vary and if not account for all of his assets, Keith’s sophisticated lifestyle says a lot about his financial condition.

Keith is one of the celebrated comedians frequently performing in Comedy Cellar, one of the best comedy clubs in the USA.

Regularly performing at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar, Keith has had a Comedy Central half-hour special.

On top of that, he was named a “New York comedy scene linchpin” by Time Out New York in 2012.

This speaks volumes about his utmost prominence in the comedy scene. Likewise, it’s likely that he has procured a massive income from his performances at the comedy club.

According to Upstage Comedy, comedians are paid based on their positions, i.e., host, middle act, and headliner, similar to any musical festival.

The host who starts the show is the least paid, anywhere between $25 to $50, whereas the middle act gets between $50 and $100.

The headliner procures from a few hundred to a few thousand. While the amount varies depending on factors like the show’s prominence and the comedian.

Considering the facts above and his frequent performance in popular comedy clubs, Keith brings in a hefty income.

Unlike many other celebrities, he doesn’t flaunt his assets every so often. However, occasionally, Keith reminds us that we are literally broke in front of him.

In 2020, the stand-up comedian took to his Instagram to share a photo of himself visiting Catch Steakhouse for his birthday.

Staying true to his comedic nature, Keith didn’t hesitate to throw witty humor even on his Instagram caption, writing,

At Catch Steakhouse last Sunday for 1 of 4 Birthday dinners giving my dessert the finger.

In addition to his primary earning source as a stand-up comedian, Keith also accumulated a sound sum from appearing in several films.

One of his best-acting works, Trainwreck, grossed $140.8 million against a budget of $35 million. Hence, we assume he should’ve earned a bonus from the production house.

Overall, Keith’s substantial financial standing is evident in his sophisticated lifestyle and his frequent high-profile performances.

Keith Robinson’s Journey from Star Search to Stand-Up Stardom

It appears, Keith was meant to do comedy, for he started getting interested in comedy acts since his teens.

With an inclination toward comedy acts, he started honing his skills, performing in Philadelphia’s comedy circuit.

Keith gained early recognition as a finalist on Ed McMahon’s Star Search in 1985. His career flourished in the 1980s comedy group Comedy Express.

On television, Keith has been a sidekick on “The Wanda Sykes Show” and a regular on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

His film credits include Trainwreck and Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain. As a skilled comedic writer, he has contributed to Chappelle’s Show.

Similarly, in 2014, Keith released his one-hour special, Back of the Bus Funny.

Additional Information

  • Keith is starring on the TV mini series, The Twelve, in 2024.
  • Robinson also co-hosts the Spotify podcast Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith.
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