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Top 10 Movies and Television Series of Lisa Whelchel

In 2011 Lisa won TV Land Awards for Pop Culture Award.

Lisa Whelchel has been a shining star in movies and TV for years. She is not just a former teen idol but also a versatile actress who has shown her range in various roles.

Join us as we look at Lisa’s best work and get ready to remember the role and performance that made her a renowned actress.

10. Toon In With Me (2021)

WriterNeal Sabin
DirectorMike Schmiedeler
CastsLisa Welchel, Rich Koz, Jerry Beck
Release DateJanuary 1, 2021

Toon In with Me is a fun show that brings back old favorite cartoons in a new way. Bill and his puppet friend, Toony the Tuna, host the show.

In the delightful anthology series, Lisa Whelchel made a special guest appearance, adding her charm to the mix of live-action and animated segments.

Toon In with Me is like a treasure box of laughs that’s perfect for everyone, from kids to grown-ups.

It’s a cool way to relax and share giggles with the family while enjoying one of the funniest cartoons ever made.

9. The Magician of Lublin (1979)

DirectorMenahem Golan
WritersMenahem Golan, Sheldon Patinkin, Irving S. White
CastsAlan Arkin, Louise Fletcher, Shelley Winters
Release DateOctober, 1979

The Magician of Lublin is a drama film based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s 1960 novel of the same name.

This movie tells the story of Yasha (Alan Arkin), a talented but not very religious Jewish magician in the 19th century.

Yasha’s life spirals as he juggles dreams, romances, and a daring theft, ultimately confronting the fallout of his choices and reevaluating his path.

Lisa Whelchel portrays Halina, a young woman who deeply influences Yasha. She represents innocence and love, shaping Yasha’s emotional journey and decisions throughout the story.

He discovers true happiness comes from honesty, self-acceptance, and valuing relationships over fame.

8. Falling for Christmas (2016)

DirectorChristie Wil Wolf
WriterBarbara Kymicka
CastsLeah Renne, Niall Matter, Lisa Whelchel
Release DateNovember 6, 2016

Falling for Christmas, also known as A Snow-Capped Christmas, is a 2016 Canadian Christmas romantic drama directed by Christie Will Wolf.

In the movie, a talented figure skater, Claire Benson (Lean Renne), suffers an injury that halts her competitive career.

She retreats to a dramatic mountain town for recovery, where she meets Luke (Niall Matter), a single father and former ice hockey player who now runs a local ice rink.

As Claire coaches Luke’s daughter for an upcoming competition, she rediscovers her passion for skating and forms a deep bond with the family.

The holiday season brings them closer, leading Claire to find healing, love, and a new direction for her life amidst the snowy backdrop.

Lisa Whelchel plays Dale, the mother of a skater. She experiences the ups and downs of motherhood as her daughter grows and finds love.

Falling for Christmas is a sweet and uplifting movie that brings happiness and the magic of the holidays right to you.

7. The Love Boat (1977)

WriterWilford Lloyd Baumes
CastsGavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy
Release DateSeptember 24, 1977

The Love Boat is a TV series about passengers and crew having romantic and funny adventures on a cruise ship.

The crew, led by Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), ensures their journey is full of memorable moments.

In 1983, Lisa Whelchel portrayed Caroline Shea, the girlfriend of a valedictorian, in a special two-part episode set in Greece.

In 1985, she played Kelly Barrett, a newlywed and retired competition biker who had to make a difficult decision.

Her roles added to the series’ charm with tales of love and life-changing choices.

Certainly! This series is like a warm hug from your favorite blanket. Imagine a luxurious cruise ship where love, laughter, and adventure sail together.

The witty crew, the charming passengers, and the promise of romance make it a delightful journey and a worthy watch for us.

6. Diff’rent Strokes (1978)

DirectorGerren Keith
WriterJeff Harris, Bernie Kukoff
CastsConrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges
Release DateNovember 1978

Diff’rent Strokes is an iconic American sitcom known for its humorous yet thoughtful exploration of social issues.

The show follows the life of Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges), two African American brothers from Harlem.

They are adopted by a wealthy Manhattan businessman, Phillip Drummond (Conrad Bain), who moves into a luxurious apartment and joins Drummond’s daughter, Kimberly.

The show explores their adjustments to this new life and tackles various social issues.

Lisa Whelchel played Blair Warner on Diff’rent Strokes, a character known for her wealthy background and arrogant attitude.

It’s a show that brings laughter while opening a window to important conversations about family, acceptance, and bridging different worlds.

5. The Facts of Life (1979)

DirectorAsaad Kelada
WritersJenna McMahon, Dick Clair
CastsCharlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields
Release DateAugust 24, 1979

The Facts of Life is an American television sitcom that aired for nearly 9 years on NBC, making it one of the longest-running sitcoms of the 80s.

It is a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes that follows Mrs. Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) as she becomes the housemother at Eastland School.

The series centers on the experiences of a group of girls, including the wealthy and classy Blair Warner (Lisa Whelchel).

Blair’s character is known for her wit and charm, often providing comic relief. The show delves into the challenges and growth of young people, with Mrs. Garrett offering guidance and support.

The Facts of Life can be your go-to series, showing us the real deal of growing up and finding ourselves with friends who feel like family.

4. Hearts Of Spring (2016)

DirectorMarita Grabiak
WriterBarbara Kymlicka
CastsLisa Whelchel, Michael Shanks, Clancy Cauble
Release DateApril 9, 2016

Hearts of Spring is a sweet 2016 movie about a woman named Carly Ashby (Lisa Whelchel) who writes a blog for moms.

When her daughter is about to go to college, Carly feels lonely. On her blog, she argues with a reader named Andy Sommers (Michael Shanks), who doesn’t agree with her.

Later, Carly meets Andy in person and likes him, not knowing he’s the same guy from her blog.

The surprise comes when Carly finds out that Andy, the man she likes, is also the one she’s been arguing with online.

This twist adds fun and love to the story as Carly learns how to handle her online fights and her growing feelings for Andy.

Hearts of Spring is worth watching because of its light-hearted story, which reminds us that love can be found in the most surprising places.

3. Family (1976)

WriterJay Presson Allen
CastsSada Thompson, James Broderick, Gary Frank
Release DateMarch 9, 1976

Family is a contemporary, traditional family drama series that follows a typical American family as they navigate life’s ups and downs in Pasadena, California.

Lisa Whelchel appeared as Cathy Connelly in the episode “All for Love,” contributing to the series’ rich tapestry of guest characters.

She intersects with the family’s journey and adds depth and perspective to the Lawrences’ story.

This series is full of real and touching scenes that make you feel at home. It reflects our own family experiences, making it a must-watch.

2. Collector’s Call (2019)

DirectorLisa Whelchel
CastsLisa Whelchel, Paul M. Lisnek, Jim Peterik
Release DateApril 7, 2019

In each episode, Lisa visits a different collector who showcases their personal cache of pop-culture collection.

These items range from toys and comics to rare artifacts, some even valued in the millions of dollars.

It’s a test of their collector’s passion versus the allure of a new piece.

This series is a treasure trove of nostalgia and a delightful journey through rare collectibles, evoking childhood memories and the thrill of the hunt.

Each episode is a heartwarming glimpse into passionate collectors’ lives, making it a cozy, feel-good watch.

1. Svengoolie (1970)

DirectorJerry G. Bishop
WriterChris M. Faulkner
CastsRich Koz, Dough Scharf, Jim Barton
Release DateSeptember 18, 1970

The show has become a cult favorite, known for its campy humor and classic movie screenings, engaging audiences every Saturday night.

Svengoolie is a fun show that combines old scary movies with funny commentary by the host, Rich Koz.

It’s perfect for a good laugh and a bit of a scare on the weekend and enjoyable for everyone.

Movies/TVEpisode/Running Time
Toon in with Me753 Episodes/60 Minutes
The Magician of Lublin114 Minutes
Falling for Christmas95 Minutes
The Love Boat250 Episodes/52 Minutes
Different Strokes181 Episodes/24 Minutes
The Facts of Life201 Episodes/22 Minutes
Heart of Spring1H 24 Minutes
Family86 Episodes/50 Minutes
Collector’s Call110 Episodes/30 Minutes
Svengoolie1556 Episodes/120 Minutes


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