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“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” didn’t Forget the Aftermath of Caesar

Caesar first teaching was "ape not kill ape"

Caesar’s dead body is fully covered in flowers and ritually burned. Cut to the next scene, the movie then revolves around 300 years following Ceasar’s death.

Spoiler alert: With the arrival of this film, viewers would be forgiven for thinking that Caesar’s son Cornelius might be the center of the next chronicle.

Kingdom of the Planet of Apes Paid Tribute to Caesar in its Opening Scene

Rather than starting with the new story in the movie, Kingdom of the Plant of Apes paid tribute to its late character, who was shot by Preacher, one of the militiamen he set free.

The new chapter of the movie shows the chimps many generations later when Caesar successfully delivered his tribe to their promised land.

Noa was raised in the Eagle clan, which is known for its thriving and highly evolved apes.

Cut to his growing, Noa left his village and got to know a wise orangutan, Raka, who made him known about Caesar’s teachings. He also meets a human child (Freya Allan).

Furthermore, the film opens and ends with a dramatic ape fight, which causes viewers to notice a contrast with the other sequel, which features apes fighting humans.

Additional Information

  • While Caesar was shot down, Red comes to takes revenge and kills Preacher being executed by another militiaman.
  • Kingdom of the Plant of the Apes will be released in 10 May 2024 in the United States.
  • Noa is played by an American actor Owen Teague.
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