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Untouched by Pregnancy Rumors, Bridgerton Star Claudia Jessie is Romantically Linked to Cole Edwards

Claudia is a vegan and enjoys being creative with her meals.

Claudia Jessie, known for her role as Eloise in “Bridgerton,” is not pregnant in the series or in real life and is in a happy relationship with Cole Edwards.

Claudia Jessie is a British actress primarily recognized for her role as Eloise Bridgerton in the popular Netflix series Bridgerton.

Born on October 30 in Moseley, Birmingham, she spent most of her childhood in North London.

She has appeared in Line of Duty (2017), the sitcom Porters (2017–2019), and the ITV miniseries Vanity Fair (2018).

Her career spans various British television serials, and has been active in the industry for several years.

Speculation Abounds About Claudia Jessie Being Pregnant

Claudia Jessie is not pregnant, and there are no current rumors or confirmed news about her pregnancy.

She is in a relationship with Cole Edwards, one of the casting directors of Bridgerton, and they live together in her hometown’s Jewelry Quarter.

They met during her audition for the show, and it is reported that she joked about getting both a job and a partner on the same day.

The couple has kept their relationship relatively private, so there are few public details about their timeline together.

Eloise Pregnant Rumor After Revelation of Promotional Images for Season 2

Fans and the media have speculated about whether Eloise Bridgerton might be pregnant in the show, particularly based on some promotional images for season 2.

However, the latest information available shows no official confirmation of her pregnancy in the storyline.

The showrunner has discussed plans for Eloise’s love story, but her character’s pregnancy or current relationship are not mentioned.

In the series, Sir Phillip is introduced as Marina Thompson’s husband, but according to the books, he is Eloise’s future husband.

In Julia Quinn‘s Bridgerton book series, Eloise Bridgerton eventually marries Sir Phillip Crane and has two children. This occurs in the fifth book, “To Sir Phillip, With Love.”

The details of her pregnancies are not a major focus in the books and are mentioned briefly.

On the contrary, Sir Phillip makes his first appearance in the final part of season 1.

Similarly, he steps in season 2, where he marries Marina after his brother, George Crane, demise during the war, leaving Marina Pregnant.

While Sir Phillip Crane is a key character in Eloise Bridgerton’s story in the book series, it remains to be seen whether this will be the case in the Netflix series adaptation.

As with any ongoing series, we’ll have to await the release of future seasons to see how the story unfolds.

Additional Information

  • Claudia is well known for her portrayal of Amelia Sedley in the series “Vanity Fair.”
  • She is known for her roles in the third series of the BBC One police procedural WPC 56.
  • In the Bridgerton book series, Sir Phillip Crane and Eloise Bridgerton have two children of their own.
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