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V. Stiviano’s Decision Before Surgery: A Quest for Fame is Dramatized in Clipped

Stiviano identifies herself as half Black and half Mexican.

Stiviano’s transformation, including her plastic surgery and name change, appears to have been motivated by her desire to establish a new identity in Los Angeles.

V. Stiviano, also known as Maria Vanessa Perez, was born in October 1982 in Los Angeles.

She is notably recognized for her involvement in the 2014 legal cases with former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

She recorded Sterling making racist comments, which were later released to the media. This led to Sterling receiving a lifetime ban from the NBA and being forced to sell the Clippers franchise.

Following the cases, she was ordered to return a $2.6 million home and other gifts she had received from Sterling.

Reflecting on this event, a series titled “Clipped” dramatized the cases, which premiered on June 4, 2024.

V. Stiviano’s Plastic Surgery Journey for Fame and Acceptance in Los Angeles

V. Stiviano, who was at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal, reportedly underwent plastic surgery to address skin problems she had during her teenage years.

She grew up in a poor Mexican household in Texas and faced challenges related to her race and identity.

Stiviano’s childhood was challenging, marked by financial difficulties and adversity. Her mother, Martha Perez, struggled to provide for the family.

At one point, Stiviano’s mother was arrested and convicted of theft for using her three kids to try to steal groceries from a supermarket.

Before graduating high school, Stiviano moved from Texas to Los Angeles and changed her name from Maria Vanessa Perez to V. Stiviano in 2010.

She cited a personal tragedy that affected her childhood and the rest of her life as the reason for the legal name change.

Moreover, the court documents suggest that she felt she had not been fully accepted because of her race, which influenced her decision to change her name.

On the contrary, she has been seen wearing a visor in public for a couple of reasons.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, she mentioned that the visor made it easier to hide the pain.

She also stated that it was also to protect her face after a laser procedure. The visor became a part of her public persona during the media coverage of the scandal.

Since the incident, Stiviano has kept a relatively low profile, making few public appearances. Also, her Instagram post from 2015 has been deleted.

Furthermore, she plays a significant role in the Hulu series Clipped. Cleopatra Coleman portrays her and is featured as a central figure in the case.

This series delves into the LA Clippers’ controversial past and explores the events that led to Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA.

Additional Information

  • Stiviano allegedly met Donald Sterling for the first time at the Super Bowl in 2010.
  • She gained attention for her luxurious lifestyle including living in a $1.8 million condo in an upscale L.A. neighbourhood.
  • The possessions, including the home, a Ferrari, two Bentleys, and a Range Rover, were ordered to be returned to Sterling.
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