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One Piece 1118 Spoilers And Raw Scan: Epic Clash Between Iron Giant and Elders Sets Stage for New Arc

Will the Iron Giants Receive Backup from a New Ally?

One Piece chapter 1118 spoilers suggest that the Egghead Island Arc may get near its end, focusing on the Five Elders and the Iron Giant, leading the way toward a new arc.

The recent chapter of One Piece focuses on Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast and ends with a revelation about ancient weapons and the Void Century.

The story turns more interesting when we discover Iron Giant being attacked by none other than the Five Elders.

Therefore, in the coming chapter, we may see some intense battles and mysterious truths being revealed, paving the way for the end of this arc.

The Iron Giant May Get Back Up To Fight Against Five Elders In One Piece 1118

In a recent “One Piece” chapter, the Five Elders attacked the Iron Giant, recognizing it as the same thing that caused chaos in Marijoa 200 years ago.

Vegapunk disobeyed the order to disassemble the Giant and preserve it intact, and now Luffy’s actions have reawakened it.

Attacked by four Elders, the Giant took damage but stayed strong. As the Straw Hat Pirates’ last defense, it gets ready to fight back.

Therefore, Chapter 1118 may suggest that The Giant may come back with extreme force and some backup, leading to an intense shutdown.

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Furthermore, The Straw Hat Pirates’ reunion and escape are close, with Luffy and Sanji’s recent meetup setting the stage for an escape plan in the upcoming chapter.

Dory and Broggy’s arrival hints at an easy escape despite the Marine blockade, with the crew defending their ship from surrounding Marine.

As the Egghead arc nears its end, anticipation builds for the crew’s journey to Elbaf and the adventures that await in the coming chapters.

Ongoing Battle Between Zoro and Jinbe Vs. Nusjuro

The intense battle between Zoro and Jinbe vs. Nusjuro is one of the most exciting parts of One Piece. It will likely turn more tragic in Chapter 1118.

The duo must end the battle with Nusjuro to make their way with Straw Hat; thus, we may see a quick battle with their full potential.

However, it might not be easy for them to defeat the Nusjuro, and if they do, he may not leave them to make their way, following them to the end.

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So, we may see an unexpected turn in this battle or something more exciting on the way to the plan of the Straw Hat escape.

Overall, chapter 1118 of One Piece will likely open doors for the new arc and reveal past secrets before the finale.

Additional Information

  • One Piece Chapter 1118 will come out on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 12 AM JST.
  • Eiichiro Oda is the writer and illustrator of One Piece, a famous manga series.
  • Fans speculate that “One Piece” is approaching its conclusion, as the current story arcs connect past mysteries and character journeys.
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