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Scottish Lawyer Fiona Harvey Denies Being The Real-Life Stalker Of Baby Reindeer Creator Richard Gadd

Stalker Martha sends 41,071 emails and 350 hours of voicemails to Richard's portrayal in Baby Reindeer.

While the Netflix series based on Richard Gadd’s true story hasn’t revealed the identity of the real-life Martha, rumors suggest that a Scottish woman named Fiona Harvey might be the mysterious stalker following a tweet she posted.

The drama-thriller miniseries Baby Reindeer is an autobiography of a Richard Gadd one-man show of the same name.

This series focuses on Richard’s narrating his real-life experience of being stalked and assaulted in his twenties.

Moreover, with the show’s release, searches about its real-life character are circulating, leading to the name Fiona Harvey as the real-life Martha.

Fiona Harvey’s Tweets Suggest Her As The Real-Life Martha Of The Miniseries Baby Reindeer

A Scottish woman and lawyer, Fiona Harvey, claimed that actress Jessica Gunning allegedly portrayed her on-screen in the TV show Baby Reindeer.

However, Netflix or the show’s creator, Richard Gadd, have not officially stated Fiona as the character behind real-life Martha.

Meanwhile, according to recent news from The Sun UK, the show Baby Reindeer has accused Fiona Harvey of stalking Gadd in real life.

Fiona Harvey acknowledges that she and Richard had met in the Bar and become friends but denies that she stalked Richard and assaulted him, as shown in the show.

Harvey says she and Richard were good buddies during his time at the bar. She even gifted him a pair of “tartan M&S pants” to congratulate him on one of his comedy shows.

Furthermore, Fiona claims that she and Richard were in contact for a short time, and then she moved to London to study, leaving Richard’s theory behind.

Fiona Harvey Says She Will File A Case Against Netflix For Accusing Her As A Stalker In The Baby Reindeer

Harvey is a law graduate from the University of Aberdeen who recently spoke out with The Sun regarding the portrayal of her character in the TV series Baby Reindeer.

Fiona says she is getting negative comments for stalking and assaulting Richard Gadd, which she never did.

Moreover, Harvey shares her emotion with the media, saying, I have a claim against Netflix as this is being billed as part of a true story.

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She also says, “I’m a highly competent lawyer. I’d have to do it myself. I’m very good.”

Moreover, Fiona Harvey is working on shutting down the Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer as the show’s audience is sending her abusive messages.

The Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer is successfully running in the media despite its controversies about the real characters.

Additional Information

  • Television actress Jessica Gunning portrays the role of Martha Scott, a former lawyer with a criminal past, in Baby Reindeer
  • Fiona Harvey and Gadd first met when he was a barman in The Hawley Arms in the city’s Camden district.
  • The miniseries Baby Reindeer has seven episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 45 minutes.
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  1. As the show didn’t actually identify her, surely her coming out and saying it’s not me, sort of implies that it was her, and she did do what she’s being made out to have done.

    • Agreed!! AND – her name was NEVER used so how can she sue Netflix for accusing her of being a stalker in Baby Reindeer?!?!? No one would have known it was her, if she hadn’t outted herself – so she accused herself!!

  2. The fact that this story was originally a play before becoming a TV show suggests it has been in the public eye for a while. So why is the issue being raised just now? Like many shows claiming to be “based” on true events, not everything depicted must have actually occurred, which she acknowledges herself. Thus, her credibility is questionable to me. Moreover, she criticizes others who also believe the adaptation is realistic, despite having received abusive messages about it. If she understood how adaptations work—especially those that are inspired by real events—she might view the situation differently. One lawyer mentioned that the show could face scrutiny because of the “jigsaw” method used by social media investigators. Yet, if the show isn’t entirely factual, why should this cause concern? Most viewers likely realize that the show is largely fictionalized, loosely inspired by actual events.


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