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Spoilers and Raw Scans for One Piece 1117 Reveal the True Purpose of Ancient Weapons, Following the Revelations from 1116

The longest break Eiichiro Oda took from One Piece was 4 weeks.

One Piece Chapter 1117 spoilers suggest that Vegapunk and Joy Boy will delve deeper into the Void Century and reveal more details about the ancient weapons.

One Piece is a Japanese Maga series by Eiichiro Oda. It follows the mysterious journey of Straw Hat Pirates Luffy.

Successfully running its thousands of chapters, Weebs are always eager to search for upcoming chapter spoilers.

In the previous chapter, Dr. Vegapunk disclosed some significant details about the Twenty Kingdoms and ancient weapons, which still require explanation.

Therefore, the upcoming chapters might surround the Vegapunk story about the war and ancient history, resolving more mysteries.

Vegapunk Might Conclude His Tales by Unveiling the Ancient Truths

One Piece Chapter 1116 will only be 13 pages long, likely leaving Chapter 1117 with more opportunities to uncover additional details.

Therefore, One Piece 1117 spoilers will highlight more details about the ancient war and how it continues after 800 years through Vegapunk’s speech.

In Chapter 1116, Vegapunk hints that the Ancient Weapons are not weapons at all. Instead, they were tools for terraforming the planet. 

Uranus and Pluton were designed to destroy the Red Line, while Poseidon was meant to ensure everyone’s safety as the water flooded into the hole left by its destruction.

With all these details about their past, we can see people’s reactions to Doctor theories and their own history.

On the other hand, this chapter may also reveal the truth about how Gol D. Roger and his crew discovered the truth about the Void Century and kept it secret.

Additionally, One Piece 1117 will likely explain the possible connection between Imu and Lili.

As 1116 spoilers reveal, Imu looks at Lili’s portrait, similar to the Vivi from the Void Century, leaving the mystery to unfold.

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Likewise, as we have already seen, Joy Boy’s first appearance in the previous chapter and his aim to eliminate the massive barrier (the Red Line).

Joy Boy is a man from the Great Kingdom who was born 900 years ago during the start of the Void Century.

This chapter will elaborate on his survival mysteries and possible connection with present-day characters like Luffy.

On the other hand, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will also regroup and progress towards the main goal.

Furthermore, the Five Elders and the Iron Giant Clash clash may also take center stage in One Piece 1117.

Additional Information

  • The release of “One Piece Chapter 1116” is set for June 2, 2024.
  • There is some speculation that One Piece will take a short break after Chapter 1116, delaying the release of Chapter 1117.
  • Fans’ theories of the upcoming chapter suggest that Straw Hat Pirates will uncover a mystery from the Void Century related to their ancient history.
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