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Pawn Stars Cast Corey Harrison Illness Journey Includes A Weight Loss Surgery After Finding Out He Was Pre-diabetic

Corey Harrison is also commonly known by the nickname Big Hoss.

The famous TV Show Pawn Stars cast member Corey Harrison has undergone several life-changing events recently. He lost his younger brother, Adam Harrison, at the age of 39.

Corey Harrison, also known as Big Hoss, is an American businessman and reality television personality.

He was born on April 27, 1983, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to mother Kim Harrison and father Rick Harrison.

He gained fame from the TV series Pawn Stars, which documents his work at the World-Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

Harrison co-owns the shop with his father, Rick Harrison, who is also the creator and star of the show.

Corey Harrison Is Deeply Affected By The Loss Of His Brother Adam Harrison

Corey Harrison’s younger brother, Adam Harrison, tragically passed away at the age of 39 on January 20, 2024.

They were the sons of Pawn Stars creator and star Rick Harrison. Corey is deeply affected by his brother’s untimely demise, which is affecting his well-being.

Similarly, he has posted a tribute to his brother on his Instagram, posting a childhood picture.

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Although Adam did not appear in the series Pawn Stars, his passing deeply affected the family and fans of the show.

The loss of Adam adds to the family’s previous grief when they lost their grandfather.

Moreover, Corey Harrison appears unwell, likely due to the recent loss of his brother, which has been taking a toll on him.

Corey Harrison Also Suffered From Diabetes In The Past

Corey Harrison underwent a significant weight loss surgery several years ago in 2014. He decided to get the surgery after learning he was pre-diabetic.

With the lap band in place, he dropped nearly 200 pounds, down from his previous weight of about 400 pounds.

He further changed his diet and exercise routine after the surgery, and he didn’t realize how bad he felt at his larger size until after losing weight.

However, Corey Harrison’s health seems to be pretty fine currently.

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There have been rumors about him having a brain attack, but those are purely speculative.

Moreover, Corey’s health seems to be perfect at this time, with his weight under control and a strict diet.


  • Beyond his interest in collectibles, Corey is an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast. He boasts an impressive collection of classic vehicles.
  • Corey Harrison dedicates time to charitable causes. He supports organizations focused on children’s healthcare, education, and animal welfare.
  • Corey Harrison began his journey at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas at a remarkably young age of 9.
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