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Jennifer Pan’s Boyfriend, Daniel Wong Had Parents Of Chinese-Filipino Descent

As per the police investigation report, Danial was a hardworking young man before his arrest in the Jennifer case.

Daniel Wong was living a simple life in Ajax, Ontario, with his Chinese-Filipino parents before becoming tragically involved in the Jennifer Pan case.

The recent release of the Netflix documentary ” What Jennifer Did?” has created a buzz about its real-life characters and their stories.

Daniel Wong was the boyfriend of Jennifer Pan, who was involved in the Jennifer parents case in 2010.

Wong was born to his Chinese Filipino parents on October 15, 1985, in Toronto, Canada.

Chinese Filipino Parents Of Daniel Wong Were Not Seen In Media During The Case Trial

The Documentary “What Jennifer Did?” does not provide full background details about Daniel Wong’s parents and his background.

According to the investigation report, Daniel Wong’s parents were Chinese Filipinos, but the media has not disclosed many details about them.

During the investigation into Wong’s case, Daniel’s parents remained absent from media coverage.

Moreover, before the 2010 Jennifer case, the media regarded Wong as a dutiful son who consistently attended school and assisted his parents.

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Moreover, Wong was a high school student studying at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Toronto, where he met Jennifer and fell for her.

After high school, Daniel attended York University, where Jennifer would often visit him, pretending to her parents that she was attending university herself.

While attending his university, Daniel worked as a manager at a local pizza establishment and made extra cash on the side from selling marijuana. 

Where Is Daniel Wong Now?

Daniel is currently serving his sentence at Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ontario.

After involvement in the plan to execute Jennifer’s parents, Daniel emerged as the primary suspect in the case.

The investigation team charged Daniel Wong in front of his colleagues at Boston Pizza on April 26, 2011.

Moreover, the Instagram post below covers the story of Jennifer’s parents’ case and the convicts involved, including Daniel Wong.

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Alongside Daniel, Crawford, David Mylvaganam, and Eric Carty, the two other hitmen involved in the case, are also serving a sentence.

Additional Information

  • The documentary titled “What Jennifer Did” delves into the unsettling events surrounding Jennifer Pan’s case and premiered on April 10, 2024.
  • In 2016, journalist Jeremy Grimaldi authored the book “A Daughter’s Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story,” detailing the criminal case of Jennifer Pan.
  • Jennifer Pan and Wong started dating in grade 11 in their high school. Daniel was in the grade above, and the two played in the school band together.
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