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Unfolding Paul Auster’s Financial Success: Inside His Multi-Million Dollar Empire and Luxurious Lifestyle

The renowned author of more than 30 books, Paul Auster is best known for "The New York Trilogy."

The renowned novelist Paul Auster, best known for his postmodernism, amassed a substantial fortune from his writing career.

Paul Auster was a notable American writer and film director. The late novelist rose to the limelight in the 1980s with his unique critique of postmodernism.

His best works include The Invention of Solitude, 4 3 2 1, The New York Trilogy, Moon Palace, Leviathan, The Book of Illusions, and The Brooklyn Follies.

In addition to writing, he co-directed a handful of independent films. He has three directing credits: The Inner Life of Martin Frost, Lulu on the Bridge, and Blue in the Face.

Paul Auster Didn’t Need Side Hustles To Become A Multi-Millionaire

The New York Trilogy writer Paul Auster had a praiseworthy career with some notable works, including The New York Trilogy, The Music of Chance, and more.

Best known for his captivating storytelling, Paul accumulated a significant sum over his extensive career, which lasted almost five decades.

He amassed a substantial fortune from the royalties from his best-selling books to the movie adaptations.

In addition to his primary source of income as a proficient writer, Paul has improved his finances through other projects, including directing and producing.

A photo uploaded to his official page in 2013 unfolded exclusive information about his brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The renowned writer reportedly lived in the Park Slope elegant regal brownstone with his wife, Siri Hustvedt, since the 1980s.

According to Realtor reports, the median listing home price in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is $1.8 million as of 2024, while the listing cost per SqFt is $1.4k.

Park Slope follows Brooklyn Heights, ranking as the second most expensive neighborhood among the 46 neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

To sum up, all the above information surrounding his sophisticated lifestyle speaks volumes about his robust finances.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul Auster has a staggering net worth of $20 million, amassed from several sources, including his successful writing career.

Similarly, every nook and corner of every room of the house is precisely designed and furnished, vividly reflecting his wife’s profound Scandinavian craze.

Paul told The New York Times that the precisely curated home is for the family, while he opted for his separate work studio.

The late writer had gifted his daughter Sophie Auster a one-bedroom condo in Hudson Square worth $975,000 in 2012. Hence, it is fair to say the writer had sound financial security.

Paul Auster Left An Impressive Mark On Contemporary Literature

Widely known for his critique of postmodernism, Paul Auster had a glorious writing career after his breakthrough, which came with “The New York Trilogy.”

Comprising three interconnected but independent detective stories: City of Glass, Ghosts, and The Locked Room, his first novel made quite a feat.

Following the groundbreaking success of his debut novel, Paul continued to explore similar themes, resulting in novels including The Music of Chance and more.

His literary forte goes beyond fiction. Paul has penned several memoirs, essays, screenplays, and poetry, showcasing his versatility.

Lastly, throughout his distinguished career timeline, the writer created a legacy that resonated with audiences and inspired many to look up to and follow him.

Additional Information

  • Paul was diagnosed with cancer in December 2022. He passed away from complications of lung cancer in April 2024.
  • New Jersey born writer Paul Auster attended Columbia University before relocating to Paris in the early 1970s.
  • He was a multi-award winning writer, including Spain’s Prince of Asturias prize for literature in 2006, and more.
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