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Thaddeus Role As Squire And Interactions With Snake Oil Salesman Might Lead Him To Super Mutant In The Fallout Series

Thaddeus is self-admittedly overweight.

Thaddeus transitions from a bully to a squire under Maximus’s command, and his interactions with the snake oil salesman suggest he might become a super mutant.

Thaddeus, portrayed by actor Johnny Pemberton, is a character from the Fallout TV series.

He is characterized as a ghoul and a former initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Despite his tough exterior, Thaddeus has a complex personality shaped by his experiences and the harsh world of Fallout.

Moreover, he appears in several episodes of the Fallout TV series, including The End, The Head, The Past, and The Radio.

Mysterious Serum From Snake Oil Salesman Turns Thaddeus Into Ghoul In Fallout Series

Thaddeus is a ghoul and a former initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel. He grew up on a fly farm, where he was fed to produce excrement used as fly food.

Among the aspirants, Thaddeus is known as a bully who targets those perceived as weak.

When Maximus arrives at the base, Thaddeus sees an opportunity to shift the bullying dynamics and proposes they gang up on Maximus. This plan works, and Thaddeus becomes famous as the new bully.

The turning point came when Maximus pretended to be Knight Titus. He falsely reported that his squire had died, which led to Thaddeus being assigned as the new squire in his place.

Maximus initially considered killing Thaddeus but kept him as his squire instead.

As a squire, Thaddeus’s role shifted from being a bully to becoming an assistant to Maximus, embarking on missions together.

While traveling with Siggi Wilzig’s head and an injured foot, Thaddeus encounters the snake oil salesman.

The snake oil salesman is a mercantile resident of the wasteland who puts forward refined affectations. He possesses a mysterious serum that induces ghoulification.

He offers Thaddeus his services as a doctor and provides a serum in exchange for a fusion core.

This serum immediately regenerates Thaddeus’s broken foot. However, he turns into a ghoul due to its side effect.

Disclaimer: This response is based on existing lore and speculation.

Fan Speculations On Thaddeus Transformation To A Super Mutant

In the Fallout TV series, Thaddeus transforms from a human to a ghoul.

While there is no official confirmation that he will become a Super Mutant, fans have speculated that Thaddeus’s transformation from human to ghoul could be an early signal.

Moreover, viewers can assume about his transformation based on the established lore.

If Thaddeus encounters the FEV directly or indirectly, there’s a chance he could transform into a super mutant.

Likewise, radiation exposure is another factor that plays a significant role in mutations. If Thaddeus spends time in irradiated areas, it could trigger changes in his genetic makeup.

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The series has shown a willingness to explore different aspects of the Fallout universe. Therefore, it’s not out of the question that Thaddeus could undergo further mutations.

However, it remains a topic of fan theories and speculation until such a development is explicitly shown or announced in the series.

Additional Information

  • Vault 87 was exposed to the FEV, and its inhabitants were transformed into Super Mutants.
  • Previously, Super Mutants were created by dipping humans into vats of FEV.
  • Maximus is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel who has been raised to the rank of squire.
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