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Cold Fusion Is A Hypothetical Concept In Fallout Series That Could Help Reshape The Wasteland And Rebuild Society

Cold fusion is a life changing discovery in the world of Fallout.

In Fallout, Cold fusion is a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction that would occur at or near room temperature. It promises to reshape the wasteland by providing a clean and efficient energy source.

The Fallout TV series is a post-apocalyptic drama set in a future Los Angeles devastated by nuclear destruction.

Citizens must live in vaults to shield themselves from radiation, mutants, and bandits. As the world is devastated, some force is required to rebuild civilization.

Moreover, Cold Fusion is a hypothetical scientific concept with the potential to revolutionize energy production and rebuild society in Fallout.

Lee Moldaver and Dr. Siggi Wilzig play crucial roles in uncovering this powerful technology, making them central figures in the post-apocalyptic drama.

Lee Moldaver Worked On The Concept Of Cold Fusion In Fallout

In Fallout, before the Great War, Lee Moldaver, previously known as Miss Williams, was a scientist dedicated to researching Cold Fusion.

Unlike traditional nuclear reactions that require extremely high temperatures, such as in atomic bombs, cold fusion aims to create a nuclear reaction at room temperature.

Miss Williams worked for a company and spent her life working towards Cold Fusion, which the Vault-Tec Corporation later acquired.

Unfortunately, her research was never completed due to the acquisition of the company by Vault-Tec.

Further, this technology was kept secret and hidden from the public to maintain profits during the Resource Wars.

Somehow surviving the Great War and the subsequent two centuries, Miss Williams became Lee Moldaver and a citizen of the New California Republic.

Later, she encountered Dr. Wilzing, a defector from the Enclave who had successfully developed a working cold fusion reactor.

Lee offered him a safe harbor within her faction, intending to use the technology to restore power to all of Los Angeles.

The Enigmatic Scientist Dr. Siggi Wilzig Discovered Cold Fusion Secretly

Dr. Siggi Wilzig is a researcher in the wasteland near the Boneyards circa 2296. He was secretly working on cold fusion within the Enclave.

In Episode 2, we see Dr. Wilzig researching something, although the details remain sparse and vague.

He injects his head with something before escaping from his research facility with his pet dog, CX404.

Then, during later episodes, Dr. Wilzig instructs Lucy to cut off his head and take it to Lee Moldaver.

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His idea to make Cold Fusion is that it could provide limitless power for rebuilding society in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Wilzig’s discovery of cold fusion makes him a target for various factions seeking its world-changing power.

In the final episode, he reveals that the secret to cold fusion is kept in his head, instructing Lucy to decapitate him and carry his head across the wasteland.


  • Cold fusion is a promising idea invented by Dr. Wilzig, but its practical implementation faces challenges.
  • During a confrontation in Filly, the Ghoul shoots off Dr. Wilzig’s foot, but he receives a clunky metal replacement foot.
  • The implementation of Cold Fusion may be shown more during the season 2 of the series.
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