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Son Of King Maekar Maester Aemon Targaryen’s Royal Lineage Remains A Veiled Secret Overshadowed By His Loyal Service To The Night’s Watch

Aemon was known for his sharp mind and valued counsel.

Despite being offered the crown, Aemon refused it, choosing instead to honor his vows to the Citadel and the Night’s Watch. He was known for his wisdom and served as one of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont’s closest advisors.

Aemon Targaryen, also known as Maester Aemon, is a character from the Game of Thrones series.

He was the third son of King Maekar I Targaryen, a significant figure in the history of Westeros and Lady Dyanna Dayne.

Born as Aemon Targaryen, he was the last known Targaryen in Westeros before Daenerys Targaryen and her fleet arrived.

He was a maester of the Citadel, bound in service to Castle Black and the Night’s Watch.

Aemon Targaryen’s Father, King Maekar I, Is The Resolute Monarch of the Targaryen Dynasty

Aemon’s father, Maekar I, was the fourth son of King Daeron II and Queen Myriah Martell.

He became king after unexpected events that eliminated his elder brothers from the line of succession.

His spouse was Dyanna Dayne, and they had several children, including Daeron, Aerion, Aemon, Daella, Aegon V, and Rhae Targaryen.

He was known for being stern and unforgiving, especially after accidentally causing the death of his brother, Baelor.

His reign was marked by his efforts to maintain the realm’s stability despite several rebellions.

From Prince to Protector: The Story of Aemon Targaryen’s Journey To The Night’s Watch

Aemon Targaryen chose to join the Night’s Watch for several reasons. Born as a prince, he was not initially in line for the throne, being the second son of King Maekar I Targaryen.

When he took his vows, he joined the Order of Maesters and gave up his rights to inheritance and his surname, “Targaryen.”

However, after the deaths of his father and elder brother, Aemon was next in line for the crown.

Despite this, he refused the throne, which then passed to his younger brother, who became King Aegon V.

His decision was influenced by the complex dynamics of Targaryen succession and the tragedies that befell his family.

Moreover, to avoid political intrigue and to prevent being used as a pawn against his brother, Aemon joined the Night’s Watch.

This decision further distanced him from the politics of the Seven Kingdoms and solidified his commitment to serving the realm in a different capacity.

His dedication to the Night’s Watch was so complete that most in Westeros forgot about his royal bloodline, as he remained dedicated to his vows for many decades.

Also, he served as a maester at Castle Black for many decades until his death.

Aemon’s story is a testament to the themes of duty, honor, and sacrifice that are prevalent throughout the series.

His character is well-regarded for his wisdom, kindness, and the counsel he provides to other characters, including Jon Snow, who later discovers his own Targaryen heritage.

Additional Information

  • King Maekar I was capable army commander who served in two of the Blackfyre Rebellions.
  • In the TV series, Maester Aemon died of old age at Castle Black after giving Jon Snow one last piece of advice about maturing.
  • King Aegon V united six of the seven kingdoms under his rule and established a dynasty that would last for 300 years
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