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Rachel Feinstein Reveals Her Husband Peter Brennan’s Nickname for Her

Rachel and Peter's daughter's middle name, Frankie, was named after Peter’s grandpa.

An American notable actress and stand-up comedian, Rachel Feinstein’s husband Peter Brennan affectionately nicknamed her “Big Guy.

The actress revealed this exclusive information during Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” appearance on May 18, 2024.

She earned recognition as a finalist on season 7 of Last Comic Standing over a decade ago in 2010.

Now that her debut Netflix comedy special, “Big Guy,” premiered on May 21, 2024, she is making rounds with her comedy special, which focuses on the experiences of firefighter families.

Rachel Celebrates Pride in Her Fire-Wire Journey with FDNY Lieutenant Husband Peter Brennan

Rachel Feinstein’s husband, Peter Brennan, has been a Lieutenant at FDNY (Fire Department New York) since 2012.

The power couple has been off the market for almost six years. They tied the knot on September 8, 2018.

Rachel chose Amy Schumer, her best friend and fellow comedian, during the wedding ceremony, as the maid of honor.

Alongside Amy, Irene Bremus was also a bridesmaid. We now get to see such a cool couple thanks to Irene, who introduced Rachel and Peter.

The actress addresses herself as “Fire Wife” and boasts the fact that she has a man like Peter in her life.

If not, the comedian was more than excited to be a “fire-wife,” Rachel told Fox News before their wedding.

She expressed her immense unconditional love for her husband, stating,’

It’s a crazy feeling, I certainly made some bad decisions, so I made the right stop.

It showcases her reflective and self-assessing expression, indicating that she acknowledges having made mistakes in the past.

That said, the actress feels nothing but confident and positive about her decision to marry and spend the rest of her life with her husband, Peter.

Likewise, Rachel also expressed her deep sense of pride in his profession. She is nothing but more than proud of Peter’s work, regardless of having a different career path.

The Maryland native’s love for her husband’s profession is reflected in her sweet gesture of including his rank on their save-the-dates.

Hold your horses; Rachel also included a fire truck to honor his profession while they tied the nuptials.

That said, the couple couldn’t get on the common ground of wearing his firefighter uniform for the ceremony.

Nonetheless, it couldn’t stop Rachel from adding elements of his profession to their Bachelor and Bachelorette party.

Rachel Wants Her Daughter To Choose Other Career Path Rather Than Following Her Legacy

After two years of marriage, Peter and Rachel welcomed their daughter, Elena Frances Brennan, in 2020, during the peak of global pandemic restrictions.

The comedian had a difficult time during her pregnancy; however, she admitted to having some weird pros of having a COVID-19 delivery.

She stated the pandemic provided an easy excuse concerning guests and interruptions that typically surround a birth.

In a recent interview, Rachel answered that she’d rather have her daughter be a firefighter than follow her legacy when asked if she thinks her daughter will follow her path.

Additional Information

  • Rachel feels relief that her husband Peter doesn’t mind getting featured in her comedy routines.
  • The actress Rachel Feinstein unfolded that her daughter, Elena, has appears to fear her husband, Peter.
  • Feinstein boasts 23 acting credits, 4 writing credits, and one producing credit in her IMDb profile.
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