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Chelsea Manalo, of Filipino Ethnicity, Celebrates Historic Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Victory with Mother Contessa and Father

Chelsea is a loving fur parent to her Shih Tzu, Basset Hound, Pomchi dogs, and love birds.

Chelsea Manalo was born in the Phillippines to a black American father and a Filipino mother, Contessa Manalo, who divorced in 2000.

Chelsea Manalo is a Filipino model and beauty pageant titleholder who was recently crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

She made history as the first Black Filipino to represent the country in the Miss Universe competition.

Moreover, she is known for her advocacy work, particularly for indigenous people and youth empowerment.

Chelsea Manalo’s Parents’ Unwavering Support Paved Her Path to Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Chelsea Manalo was born in Meycauayan, Bulacan, on October 14, 1999, to a Filipina mother, Contessa Manalo, and an American father.

Born to a multi-ethnic family, Chelsea faced the challenge of her parents separating when she was just a year old.

After the death of her biological father, her mother remarried, and Chelsea was raised by her mother and a Filipino stepfather.

Chelsea has mentioned that her parents have always supported her in everything, even accompanying her as her hair and makeup stylist on the day she won the title.

She expressed that becoming Miss Universe was not only her dream but also her parents’ dream.

Moreover, she celebrated her victory with tears of joy and embraced her mother onstage.

Her mother, Contessa, was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. She tearfully expressed how her daughter’s dream had come true. 

Contessa’s role in Chelsea’s life and victory is significant, and this support undoubtedly played a crucial role in her journey to success.

Chelsea Manalo’s Determination and Power of Dreams

Chelsea graduated from college with a degree in tourism. At the young age of 14, she began her modeling career, and her passion for pageantry ignited during high school.

In 2017, Chelsea competed in Miss World Philippines, making it to the top 15. Fast-forward to 2024, and Chelsea has achieved a historic milestone.

Chelsea is passionate about body positivity. In her profile video for Miss Universe Philippines 2024, she candidly shared her struggles with insecurities.

She revealed that these feelings stemmed from being bullied for her dark skin and hair type as a Filipino-American.

Despite these challenges, she has advocated for embracing individuality and celebrating one’s unique beauty.

Her strong support system helped her realize that she is beautiful in her own extraordinary way.

Moreover, her journey continues as she prepares to represent the Philippines at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Mexico.

Additional Information

  • Chelsea uses her platform to advocate for youth education, both in her pageant journey and on her social media platforms
  • She proudly represented her hometown throughout her Miss Universe Philippines journey.
  • Before the coronation night, she shared photos inspired by Juan Luna’s iconic painting, “La Bulakenya”.
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