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Shogun Episode 10 Spoilers Reveal Hints At Toranaga’s War After The Emotional And Climatic Ending Of Episode 9

Blackthorne pays respect to Mariko by dropping her cross into the water.

Episode 10 is the finale of the limited series Shogun, and the spoilers reveal that there will be a war, as disclosed by Ishido, who says that war is inevitable. Then, at last Toranaga becomes the ultimate Shogun.

Shogun is an American Historical drama series based on the 1975 Novel by James Clavell, which was previously adapted into a 1980 miniseries.

The series premiered its first two episodes on 27th February 2024, with new episodes releasing each week.

Following the intense and exciting ending of episode 9, fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the season finale.

The final episode promises emotional moments, action sequences, and closure as the story concludes.

Moreover, Shogun Episode 10, titled “A Dream of a Dream,” is scheduled to release on FX on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Spoiler Alert: The following sections of this article reveal key plot details from the final episode of Shogun.

What To Expect In Shogun Episode 10 After Mariko’s Death In Previous Episode?

The episode’s title, “A Dream of a Dream,” is poetic, hinting at thinking about what could be rather than what is – a reality that is almost inescapable and perhaps brutal.

In the wake of Mariko’s tragic death in episode 9, Blackthorne finally considers the true nature of Toranaga’s plan. 

Blackthorne has been through the wringer after agreeing to behead Mariko and finally getting another night of action with her.

Moreover, her death will likely bring him a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions in this episode.

In the book, Blackthorne’s ship is burned, leaving him stranded in Japan. This dramatic event will occur in the season finale.

Additionally, Father Alvito is seen alongside Blackthrone in the trailer, indicating he may have switched allegiances.

According to the book, it was Toranaga’s plan all along to become Shogun. Everything he has done has been a calculated move to seize power.

In the finale, he will depose Ishido in the Battle of Sekigahara due to their rivalry.

Further, his manipulation and sacrifice of loved ones and trusted advisors make him a brilliant yet morally complex character.

Similarly, Yabu’s treachery will be exposed in the finale, and Toranaga will order him to commit seppuku.

Before doing so, Yabu will show his respect towards Blackthorne and gift his sword.


  • Lady Mariko makes a surprising sacrifice during a Shinobi attack, which is one of the emotional scene in Shogun episode 9.
  • Mariko publicly confronts the powerful warlord Ishido Kazunari, accusing him of keeping her and Toranaga’s consorts against their will.
  • Moreover, as a devout Catholic, she’s willing to face eternal damnation for ending her own life.
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