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Steve Buscemi Attacker Xavier Israel is Still at the Large After he Fled the Scene

Veteran actor Steve Buscemi was a firefighter before pursuing his career in acting.

The Boardwalk Empire actor Steve Buscemi was attacked during the broad daylight on the streets of the Big Apple. He is under treatment after suffering some injuries.

Steve Buscemi is an acclaimed actor widely known for his roles in Parting Glances, Mystery Train, In the Soup, and Reservoir Dogs.

The renowned actor boasts 179 acting credits, 18 directing credits, and 14 producing credits on his IMDb profile.

The veteran American actor came across a life-threatening incident while walking on the streets of Kips Bay.

An insane assailant, allegedly recognized as Xavier Isreal, attacked the 66-year-old actor on May 8, 2024.

Steve Buscemi Attacker Xavier Isreal Remains Under Rigorous Search

Xavier Isreal, a maniac who attacked Steve Buscemi, fled the scene hastily. Police sources reported that the attacker still remains on the lam.

With the record of this second unprovoked attack in the city, the New York Police Department has become alert, releasing surveillance photos of Xavier.

CCTV photos of the alleged assailant adorning a blue t-shirt, a baseball cap, and black sweatpants are making grand waves on the web.

The attacker came out of nowhere and punched the Boardwalk Empire star, Steve, while he was visiting Kips Bay, a neighborhood in New York.

This unprovoked attack questions the safety of an individual walking on the streets of New York while getting startled by the audacity of the assailant to attack in broad daylight.

Xavier’s blow left the Brooklyn native Steve with a swollen face, and a bleeding left eye on Wednesday morning in Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Steve expressed his gratitude for everyone’s best wishes and support while he was being treated at Bellevue Hospital.

Xavier Israel has a History of Targeting Actors from Boardwalk Empire

This isn’t the first time a maniac named Xavier Israel has attacked the Boardwalk Empire actor.

A man with a similar name and alleged similar appearance, Xavier, previously attacked another Boardwalk Empire star, Michael Stuhlbarg, in Central Park.

Netizens think Xavier, who struck Steve, is allegedly the same assailant who attacked Michael. However, it still remains unclear if they are the same people.

The homeless assailant attacked Michael with a rock in the neck when he was on a jog, reportedly near Central Park on the Upper East Side.

In nearly no time, the CCTV footage of the disturbing and unprovoked attack made grand rounds online.

We can see that the actor showed his act of humanity by removing his coat and covering the homeless attacker, Xavier, who was lying down on the streets of the Fifth Avenue subway.

Xavier promptly comes to his feet, shoving the actor to the ground and robbing his wallet.

The police took the attacker under control, although he fled the scene initially. Israel was held in city jail until November 3, 2023, when he was moved to a state prison.

Records show Xavier was conditionally released by parole on December 7, 2024. Hence, netizens suspect that he is the same guy behind Steve’s attack on May 8.

Nonetheless, it remains unclear if it is the same guy behind the two unprovoked attacks.

Additional Information

  • The 66-year-old veteran American actor, Steve Buscemi, is the native of Brooklyn.
  • He is a multi-award winning actor who has bagged 31 wins, including a Primetime Emmy awards.
  • Steve has shared a son named Lucian with his late wife Jo Andres.
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