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The Valley Cast Jesse Lally’s Soaring Net Worth From Record-Breaking Sales to Global Influence

In just first six months as an agent, Jesse Lally, sold $39.6 million worth of properties.

Jesse Lally, a cast member of Bravo’s The Valley, is a standout real estate professional with a hefty fortune accumulated from his lengthy and progressive career timeline.

The Valley is a reality television series and the fourth spin-off from Vanderpump Rules, which premiered on March 19, 2024.

The show records the journey of a group of friends through the challenging reality of adulting in the San Francisco Valley.

One of the cast members, Jesse, joins his wife, Michelle Lally, in the reality show as the couple navigates their broken marriage after their relationship goes sour.

Jesse Lally’s Ascending Fortune, a Result of His Extensive Career

Bravo TV show The Valley cast Jesse Lally has an estimated net worth of over $1 million, given his remarkable extensive career trajectory.

Having said that, it’s important to acknowledge that the above figure may fluctuate now that he is under media scrutiny following his appearance in The Valley.

Furthermore, it may not include all sources of income or assets contributing to his overall worth.

For over a decade, Jesse held the coveted position of Estates Director, demonstrating his expertise in the field.

His track record includes multiple record-breaking sales in prestigious areas like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Malibu.

Jesse boasts a history of handling deals with a wide price range, from $1 million to a staggering $95 million listing in Beverly Hills.

According to date from Indeed, a real estate agent in Beverly Hills procures an average base salary of $110,410 per year.

He has been an Estates Director at The Beverly Hills Estates in West Hollywood, California, since October 2021.

Notably, The Beverly Hills Estates, renowned as Los Angeles’ highest-performing real estate firm, recorded an impressive sales record of $1.4 billion.

Considering the impressive goodwill of Beverly Hills real estate, it is fair to assume that Jesse should’ve earned a hefty sum.

According to Salary, a Beverly Hills Estates real estate agent earns an average base salary of $94,830 annually.

While the salary can range from the lowest of $76,483 to the highest of $114,298.

Given the abovementioned facts, Jesse likely should’ve procured a substantial sum as a standout real estate professional.

Jesse Lally Boasts a Progressive Career Trajectory, Constantly Setting Big Records

Looking at his impressive career timeline, it appears Jesse was meant to do this, to say the least.

Jesse reportedly gained outstanding success in his first six months as an agent by selling $39.6 million worth of properties.

With such a great start for a beginner, Jesse did not look back, continuing to soar to the heights of success.

The real estate professional sold a new construction home in Bel Air for $18 million in his following achievement.

Working with the likes of a coveted real estate company in Beverly Hills, Jesse has attracted A-list clients from various parts of the USA.

If not, Jesse has gone global with his network expanding to investors from Europe, Asia, and Russia.

Before Beverly Hills Estate, Jesse previously worked at Hilton & Hyland from September 2012 until October 2021.

While at Hilton & Hyland, he specialized in Real Estate Development and architectural properties, viewing properties in the hills of Hollywood and more.

In addition to his real estate career, his professional background includes being a financial planner at New York Life Insurance Company from 2000 to 2002.

His interest in real estate dates back to his college years, when he studied Real Estate Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Additional Information

  • Jesse attended several educational institutions, including Belmont Hill School, Norwich University, the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
  • The real estate director and Michelle divorced on October 16, 2023, after six years of marriage.
  • Jesse and Michelle share a daughter named Isabella who is 3 years old.
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