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The Boys Ryan Confirms His Voice Change is Due to Puberty!

Cameron Crovetti aka Ryan of "The Boys" has an identical twin named Nicholas Crovetti.

Actor Cameron Crovetti is better known for his role as Ryan Butcher on “The Boys.” Recently, he made waves online surrounding his changed voice in Season 4 of the series.

Cameron has appeared in The Boys, a series exploring what would happen if superheroes existed, since its second season in 2020.

Born in a household belonging to the entertainment industry fraternity, Cameron has been interested in films since his early days.

Ryan Butcher in The Boys is a vital character who is the illegitimate son of John, better known as Homelander and Becca Butcher.

Ryan’s Voice Evolution in “The Boys”: A Natural Puberty Shift Ignites Debate Online

Now that The Boys‘ new season dropped on June 13, 2024, netizens quickly noticed Ryan’s voice in the Emmy-nominated series.

The actor playing Ryan, Cameron, in the series has a noticeable change in his voice, which is a natural phenomenon caused by puberty and hormones.

However, viewers quickly tuned into several social platforms and bantered about his voice change in Reddit discussions, TikTok videos, and more.

A user on Twitter expressed his take on Ryan’s changed voice didn’t feel quite satisfying but rather felt unpleasing, writing;

The actor playing Ryan on The Boys has developed the most obnoxious sounding voice I’ve heard in recent memory.

Amid all the trolls and concern regarding his voice, Cameron cleared the air, replying to a TikTok user’s comment on his voice, stating that it is because of puberty.

On the contrary, a Reddit username @simplybreana expressed her frustration and disbelief at people’s reactions to a natural occurrence. She wrote,

I can’t believe people are making a big deal out of a boy’s voice while going through puberty on TV? That’s the most natural and realistic thing ever and people are being weird about it? That’s so dumb..

The comment received 530 upvotes, while some other Reddit users supported her statement, stating that they didn’t notice the voice because his acting was on point.

Likewise, another user came into Cameron, aka Ryan’s defense penning,

I’m 36 and still have voice cracks every now and then lol. Otherwise, people say they like my voice. Life is weird.

The voice cracks are nothing but a common phenomenon as a boy’s voice typically starts changing at 11 to 12 and is complete after ages 15 to 18.

Additional Information

  • Ryan first appears in the show after the standoff of Homelander and William Butcher at Madelyn Stillwell’s house.
  • Cameron Crovetti aka Ryan of “The Boys” almost competed in the Olympics.
  • The young actor Cameron Corvetti’s mother is an actress and talent manager. While his father is a writer.
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