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Truth Behind Lady Danbury and Lord Ledger’s Relationship and the Rumors of a Secret Child

Lady Danbury was betrothed at the age of three to Lord Herman Danbury.

Lady Danbury did not have a child with Lord Ledger, the father of Violet, in the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, even though they developed a deep and intimate bond.

Lady Danbury is a prominent character in the Netflix series Bridgerton, which is portrayed by Adjoa Andoh.

She is known as one of the most powerful women in London’s high society during the Regency era.

In the series, Lady Danbury is a senior matron, a widow, and a close friend of Queen Charlotte.

Moreover, she mentors Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, taking him under her wing after his father’s rejection.

A Secret Affair Between Lady Danbury and Lord Ledger Following the Demise of Lord Danbury

After Lord Danbury, Lady Danbury’s husband, passed away, she formed a strong connection with Lord Ledger, and they had a brief affair.

This marked Lady Danbury’s first experience of true love; however, they did not have a child together.

Moreover, their affair ended when Lord Ledger brought his daughter, Violet Bridgerton, on one of their walks.

After the end of her relationship with Lord Ledger, Lady Danbury went on to court and ultimately refused the Queen’s brother, choosing to stay single.

Moreover, there is a discussion on Facebook concerning the relationship between Lady Danbury and Lord Ledger, specifically regarding speculation about whether they had a child together.

The question posed is: “Is anyone else thinking Lady Danbury got pregnant for Lord Ledger?”

One of the users commented regarding the post and said:

“It’s not impossible. She travelled a lot and could’ve easily, had the baby abroad. She could’ve discovered she was pregnant sometime before/after she had turned down the Queen’s brother. I always use suspension of disbelief in these unanswered scenarios of what could’ve happened that we didn’t see.”

Lady Danbury has a rich backstory and significant influence in the series, but there is no indication in the series or the source material that she had a child with Lord Ledger.

In fact, Lasy Danbury was married to Lord Danbury and had four children together: Dominic, Cedric, Melissa, and Anne.

However, their marriage was unhappy as Lord Danbury was an unkind, abusive, and not attentive father.

Additional Information

  • Lord Ledger, portrayed by Keir Charles, was married to Vivian Ledger in Bridgerton series.
  • In early years, Violet Bridgerton had difficult relationship with her mother and was close to her father.
  • Violet, portrayed by Ruth Gemmell is the mother of the eight Bridgerton siblings.
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  1. Unnecessary drama. The reason she did not marry the Queens brother is he mentioned he needed an heir. She wasn’t interested in having more children. Her having a baby by Lord Ledger is unnecessary drama.


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