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2024 Tony Award Winner Maleah Joi Moon With African Roots and Diverse Ethnicity

Maleah Joi Moon acted alongside Shoshana Bean and Brandon Victor Dixon in Hell's Kitchen.

Maleah Joi Moon is a talented actress and singer of African descent with a multiracial background. She recently won the Best Actress award for her performance in the musical Hell’s Kitchen at the 77th Tony Awards.

Maleah Joi Moon is an American singer and actress who gained fame for her standout performance as Ali in Alicia Keys’ musical Hell’s Kitchen.

She played the lead role of Dorothy in the school play “The Wizard of Oz” in sixth grade.

Later, she attended Pace University, studying musical theater before leaving to pursue television acting.

Moreover, she is currently in the spotlight for becoming the 101st performer to win a Tony Award for their first Broadway performance.

Maleah Joi Moon’s Multiracial Identity and African Ancestry

Maleah Joi Moon, known for her work on stage, is of Black or African descent and is ethnically ambiguous or multiracial.

She was born on September 23, 2002, to her mother, Fabia Jeffries, and her father, Steve Moon, in New Jersey.

They chose the name Maleah for its Afrocentric sound and Joi as a variation of Joy. This reflects their cultural heritage and aspirations for their daughter.

Maleah’s mother, Fabia Jeffries, is a social worker from Belize. She is a single mother, aspiring actress, and dancer who supports the family with office jobs.

Her father, Steve Moon, is an African-American photographer. From an early age, he exposed Maleah to diverse music, contributing to her artistic upbringing.

However, they separated when she was young, and despite this, both parents lived nearby. They both fostered a home environment filled with music and dance, aiding Maleah’s performance development.

Moreover, her early exposure to various artists and her Caribbean heritage influenced her expressive performance style.

Maleah Joi Moon’s Career From Theater Kid to a Broadway Sensation

Born prematurely at 2 pounds 11 ounces, Maleah Joi Moon was a fighter from the start.

She overcame a critical survival prognosis and spent two months in neonatal intensive care.

Moon grew up in a musical environment, singing in church choirs and performing in local theater productions.

She is famous for her roles in Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase (2021), Mystic Christmas (2023), and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014).

In 2022, she landed her first television role on the Disney show, and in 2023, she played the character Brook in the television film Mystic Christmas.

Additionally, she played a leading role in Alicia Keys’ musical Hell’s Kitchen, earning a Tony nomination.

Moreover, she has been involved with this show since its developmental stages, contributing her personality to Ali’s character.

Additional Information

  • Moon was involved in stage workshops and auditioned for Broadway musicals during her highschool years.
  • She attended theater and singing classes during her studies and graduated from Fanklin High School.
  • In 2024, she attended the Met Gala as a guest.
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