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“Too Hot To Handle” Star Holly Scarfone Plastic Surgery Rumors Gone Viral After Her Recent Post On Instagram

Holly was offered to join “Love Island” a couple of years ago.

While there are rumors about plastic surgery, Holly Scarfone, known from the reality show “Too Hot To Handle,” hasn’t mentioned anything about it despite her decision to dissolve her lip fillers.

Holly Scarfone is a 25-year-old psychology student from North Bay, Ontario, who works as a model.

She gained popularity by appearing on Season 3 of the Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle

On the show, Holly formed a notable connection with fellow contestant Nathan Soan Mngomezulu.

She has been described as a diva who likes to call the shots and prefers open-minded men with a good accent.

Since her time on the show, she has become an influencer with a significant social media following.

Too Hot To Handle Contestant Holly Scarfone‘s Beauty Without Plastic Surgery Revelations

People have noticed that Holly Scarfone looks different, particularly after her recent photo posts on Instagram

Fans and followers have commented on similarities in her facial features, makeup, and fashion choices, which are similar to Kardashian’s style.

Holly has addressed these comparisons, stating in a TikTok Live, “At the end of the day, I’m Holly; I’m not Kylie.”

She emphasizes her individuality while acknowledging Kylie Jenner’s influence.

Her transformation over time, particularly regarding her lip fillers, has certainly caught the attention of her followers and the public.

Holly has been open about her use of lip fillers in the past. She has shared her experience with lip fillers in a vlog titled “DISSOLVING MY LIP FILLER + MY DATE AT A 2 MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANT ” on her YouTube channel.

In the video, she discusses her decision to dissolve her lip fillers. This indicates that she did have lip fillers at some point before choosing to dissolve them.

On Reddit, there’s a thread where users discuss changes in her looks, with some attributing them to Photoshop and others speculating about her personal life.

Furthermore, some users have theorized that, based on changes in her appearance, she may have had a nose job or other cosmetic procedures.

One of the Redditors stated:

Was shocked that she’s only 24. Her cosmetic work makes her look older. She also looks like Selena Gomez now just looked up her THTH pics and damn she looks even more different than I thought.

Despite this, there are no reports regarding Holly undergoing plastic surgery. She has been focused on her weight loss journey, which she has documented on TikTok.

She has faced criticism for promoting what some consider to be “Dangerous habits” related to weight loss and dieting.

However, without confirmation from Holly herself, any claims about plastic surgery are unfounded.

Additional Information

  • Holly hails from North Bay, Ontario, Canada, and she embodies the multicultural spirit of her country.
  • She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder, which she received on July 25, 2021.
  • She has been represented by Donna Baldwin Agency and has modeling experience.
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