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“Perfect Match 2” Contestant Alara Taneri Embraces Turkish-Cypriot Ethnicity

Alara Taneri has modeled for several fashion brands like Fashionnova and HouseofCB.

Alara Taneri, a standout contestant on the second season of Netflix’s reality TV show “Perfect Match,” is a fashion designer and influencer with Turkish Cypriot heritage based in London.

A rising star in the reality TV world, Alara Taneri is famous for her bubbly and flirty personality, which makes her a fan favorite.

Born on February 10, 1999, she gained popularity through her Instagram presence, which has over 177k followers, and her appearances on reality TV shows.

Moreover, she is an influencer who shares fashion projects and outfit pictures on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Alara Taneri Symbolizes a Unique Blend of Turkish and Welsh Descent

Alara Taneri is originally from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and has a Turkish-Cypriot lineage.

She and her brother, Ceylan Taneri, grew up together and appeared in the Netflix reality universe on “Dated and Related.”

While there are no public details about her parents, she has a close relationship with her brother.

Alara Taneri joined the “Perfect Match” Season 2 cast as a contestant and entered the villa in episode 3.

On the show, she connected with Stevan Ditter, a fellow reality TV star from “Too Hot to Handle season 3.

Their relationship has been one of the show’s highlights. They are the stronger couple in the villa, with Alara expressing that Stevan “treats her like a princess.”

However, there seems to be some suspense as the trailer for upcoming episodes shows Alara getting upset over Stevan kissing another woman.

Moreover, their future as a couple depends on whether they can survive the challenges in the upcoming episodes.

The final episodes of “Perfect Match” Season 2 are set to release soon, revealing the fate of their relationship.

Additional Information

  • Alara attended high school at Kabatas Erkek Lisesi in Istanbul.
  • She graduated from Solent University with a degree in Business Administration.
  • She attended London Fashion Week in September 2021.
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