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Resurfaced Viral Video Turns Harriet Blackmore and Her Footballer Brother into Internet Sensations

She’ is ready to open a new chapter in her life by joining Love Island.

In a widely circulated video, Harriet Blackmore, a contestant on Love Island 2024, is seen defending her close friend, a Premier League footballer, and her brother.

Harriet Blackmore, a 24-year-old dancer and personal shopper from Brighton, is one of the new islanders entering the Love Island 2024 villa. 

She has a significant social media following and is also a best friend of YouTuber Saffron Barker.

Moreover, she describes herself as a bit of an it girl in Brighton and has been a personal shopper for rapper ArrDee.

Love Island Contestant Harriet and Her Footballer Brother

Love Island Contestant Harriet Blackmore has two brothers, Joel and Henry, and a sister, Greece Rowland, who passed away in November 2015.

Her brother, Henry Blackmore, is a talented Premier League Footballer. He currently plays for Peaceheaven and Telscombe Football Club and has previously played for Whitehawk FC.

Harriet has been in the news recently for a resurfaced video. In the video, she is seen defending a footballer friend during an altercation with a group of women.

The incident occurred when fans and other people antagonized him during a night out in Brighton.

Harriet and her friends were simply trying to enjoy their evening, and she felt it was unfair that cameras were being pointed at her friend’s face.

Her intention was to mediate the situation and get the antagonizers away from him.

Regarding the viral video, Harriet stated that:

I can’t remember exactly the video but I think if you watch it you can see that all I’m trying to do is defuse the situation. I had a friend who’s in the public eye and these people were antagonising him And my little brother was also there too…

The person she defended in the video was her close friend but not her brother. However, a Reddit discussion mentions that she is defending her brother, which is not confirmed.

This speculation arises from her statement that the person in the video is a Premier League footballer. This aligns with her brother Henry Blackmore’s career.

Video of Harriet defending her brother and his friends attacking a group of women
byu/fasbri9 inLoveIslandTV

Furthermore, details regarding her other brother, Aaron, remain undisclosed.

However, after reviewing her mother’s Facebook posts, we discovered a birthday greeting for Aaron, Harriet’s other brother.

The posts feature his childhood photos alongside family pictures, illustrating the warm relationship Harriet maintains with her siblings.

Additional Information

  • Harriet recently came out of a three-year relationship, and now she’s ready to open a new chapter in her life by joining Love Island.
  • She aims to provide entertainment and a bit of flirting valuing loyalty and trust.
  • Harriet is on Instagram as @harriblackmorex with nearly 41.5k followers.
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