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Following Recent Headline, YouTuber Bradley Martyn’s Kids have Become a Major Concern Among his Fans

Bradley Martyn is the co-founder of Zoo Culture Gym.

Bradley Martyn, a fitness coach, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, was more interested in shaping his career than his love life. Hence, he has yet to have kids with a partner.

The fitness enthusiast came into the limelight after uploading fitness routines and lifestyle content to his self-titled YouTube channel.

He boasts the utmost social prominence and engagement, with over 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and over 4 million followers on his Instagram.

Born on May 22, 1989, Bradley also owns the clothing line Raw Gear, which sells graphic T-shirts, sweatpants, and other items.

Bradley Martyn Prioritized his Work over Love Life for the Past Decade

Bradley Martyn unfolded his thoughts on not having a partner and kids at 34 during a podcast session on his YouTube channel, Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk Clips.

The fitness enthusiast doesn’t necessarily get stressed about not being committed yet. However, Bradley does want to figure it out in the near future.

The YouTuber’s primary focus for the past 10 years has been his work, which speaks volumes about his workaholic attitude.

Bradley also revealed that he isn’t great at balancing his professional and personal life. Hence, it affected his ability to develop relationships with people.

A big round of applause for Bradley, who openly admitted to fearing commitment because he doesn’t want to be taken advantage of.

Not that he laments about his decisions, but he feels lacking behind because he poured everything into his business when you ought to fill all the buckets of life, be it friendship, career, love life, and more.

Also, some mistook Lana Roadhes’s daughter for Bradley Martyn’s daughter, whom he invited for an interview on his channel.

His Instagram photo holding Lana’s baby in a red gingham dress, with the caption ‘DADLEY MARTYN,’ also ignited speculations that he has a daughter.

Fitness Coach Bradley Wants to have a Family in Future

Although the fitness enthusiast Bradley Martyn previously was more into his career, he admits that he wishes to have a family of his own.

That said, the YouTuber doesn’t want to rush anything and let time and situations fall into the right place.

Bradley wants a partner whose values and life goals align with each other and have a sound relationship with themselves at the core.

From the interview, we can say that he has a deep understanding of mental issues that directly or indirectly affect relationships with others and ourselves.

Some unhealed childhood traumas led to a fear of commitment, which, in turn, got the best of him in life.

He couldn’t receive love at the level because Bradly didn’t love himself enough. Previously, his definition of love was based on external validation rather than intrinsic validation.

Now that he has a sound relationship with himself and has positive self-talk, Bradley knows what he wants and values internal validation.

To sum up, Bradley does want to have a partner and kids; however, as of now, he hasn’t revealed details of his love life as of now.

Additional Information

  • Bradley Martyn is the graduate of California State University in Business Management.
  • The fitness enthusiast Bradley started his caree as a fitness coach almost two decades back in 2006.
  • Born on San Francisco Bay Area, California, Bradley, now resides in Los Angeles, California.
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