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What Happened To The NCR Residents After Overseer Hank Nuked Shady Sands In Fallout?

One of the Fallout protagonist Maximus was a child when his city Shady sands was nuked.

In the Fallout series, Hank MacLean, the overseer of Vault 33, nuked Shady Sands, which was the first capital of the New California Republic.

It was also the most significant known urban center built from scratch, boasting a population of over 3,000 inhabitants by 2241.

The Hall of Congress of the NCR, the president, and their office were all quartered in the same building in Shady Sands.

Moreover, Shady Sands debuted in the role-playing game Fallout in 1997 as a small farming settlement with which players could visit and interact.

Who Nuked Shady Sands Community In Fallout And Why?

In the Fallout series, Hank MacLean, the father of the series protagonist Lucy, ordered the nuking of Shady Sands.

This tragic action was taken in response to Hank’s wife’s decision to leave Vault 33 with their children, Lucy and Norm.

In the Fallout series, Hank took both of the kids out of Shady Sands and launched a nuclear bomb at the city.

According to Hank, Shady Sands faced frequent conflicts, so they decided to take decisive action to address such challenges and reshape the community.

Additionally, Shady Sands challenged Vault-Tec’s vision for a new civilization, prompting Hank’s intervention.

The destruction of the Shady Sands was one of the most tragic moments of the series, as it was the house of Brotherhood of Steel’s.

What Happens To Shady Sands Inhabitants After Destruction?

A handful of survivors found refuge in nearby towns, settlements, and Vaults after Hank destroyed Shady Sands in the 2280s.

Additionally, some inhabitants of Shady Sands, including one of the main protagonists, Maximus, joined the Brotherhood of Steel.

Later, the remnants of the NCR within the region, led by the pre-war scientist Lee Moldaver, established a new regional headquarters at the Griffith Observatory.

However, the Brotherhood of Steel ultimately wiped out this sub-faction of the remaining NCR force.

Furthermore, in the Fallout series, an ancestor of Aradesh founded Shady Sands after leaving Vault 15.

Using the GECK, the residents built the Shady Sands, established a self-sufficient community, and erected adobe buildings.

In the 2240s, the small settlement grew and expanded, forming one of the most influential cities in the mid-23rd century, the New California Republic.

Additional Information

  • Tandi, Aradesh’s daughter, was the leader of Shady Sands, the second president of the New California Republic, and one of the most influential people in the post-war world.
  • In the Fallout series by 2241, people often referred to Shady Sands simply as the New California Republic despite the official name remaining unchanged.
  • The fall of Shady Sands significantly changed the lives of its people and reshaped the Fallout world’s political and social realms.
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