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Nick Carter Strumming On World Stage “Who I Am” Kicks Off From June

Nick Carter is ready to ignite the stage with his electrifying performance.

Nick Carter is gearing up for a world tour with his “WHO I AM” tour, which starts on June 24, 2024. The tour is set up for five months to be performed in Asia, North America and Europe.

Amidst the excitement, allegations have surfaced against Nick of his past misconduct with his co-actress.

With the upcoming series “Fallen Idols: Nick And Aaron Carter,” many other celebrities have also stepped forward, sharing their own stories of being misbehaved by Nick.

28 Cities Awaits For Nick Carter “Who I Am” World Tour 2024

Finally, after seven years of being somewhat inactive in the music scene, Nick Carter is all set for his solo tour, “Who I Am.”

The tour will kick off from Paris, France, on 24 June. In June, he will be visiting Zurich, Copenhagen, and Torshavn.

Then, in July, he will tour 18 cities worldwide, starting from Rotterdam, Nederland, and ending in Madrid, Spain.

Similarly, he will tour 6 cities in August, starting with Budapest and ending with Alicante.

Moreover, Nick said this tour might help him recover from everything he is going through. From his brother Aaron Carter‘s death to recently facing abuse lawsuit, he is mentally struggling.

In an interview with Billboard, he shared,

i’m a musician. i’m an artist. i’m a performerm but i’m also a human first. Music is therapeutic to me and we all find way to manage the things that we’re going through in life. getting out there and performing for fans and just being who i am, it’ll help me during this time.

Nick said the best medicine for whatever is happening to him is engaging with his fans through music.

Besides that, he also shared how his past tour while being on Backstreet Boys had helped him.

When i got back home and was finally able to be with the family iw was so amazing, but i’m a musician, i’m a performer. i love music, and so i decided that i wanted to get back on the road and do what i love.

This might also explain why the artist is embarking on his first solo tour after seven long years.

Nick Carter’s Mental Health Struggle Amid His Brother’s Death and Lawsuit Battle

Kaya Jones slammed testimony against Nick Carter and publicly spoke out about Nick’s behavior in the Fallen Idols: Nick And Aaron Carter docuseries.

In 2017, Melissa Schuman took her nerves to share with the public Nick about Carter’s behavior towards her.

The former member of a teen-pop group also has spoken about the lawsuit he is facing.

I’m really strong believer in the legal system. i’m confident that justuce will be served in the end, and i actually look forward to speaking about it more when it’s all over.

Moreover, the series includes Aaron Carter because of his support for Kaya when she is battling against Nick.

Additional Information

  • Nick Carter became teen pop superstar as the youngest member (12years) of the iconic boyband.
  • Carter already has marked his 22 years of musical career inside musical industry.
  • Carter’s group has the largest record deals signing of $60 million with Jive Records in 1999.
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