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Elkin King’s Vision On Peggy Fulford’s Biopic as a Gateway to Prosperity

Peggy Fulford was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison.

In 2018, Peggy Ann Fulford was sentenced to 10 years for fraud and stealing $6 million from Ricky Williams and other athletes. She was supposed to be released from prison in 2028 but was released early in 2023.

Peggy Ann Fulford is a woman who was involved in financial scandals involving several A-list athletes, including Dennis Rodman.

Peggy, who misrepresented herself as a financial manager, falsely claimed to be a Harvard graduate with a successful track record on Wall Street.

However, authorities claimed all of this was false, saying she had been fraudulently transferring money from her A-list clients to her bank account.

The series American Gangster: Trap Queens shows all the scammed stars and her eldest son, Elkin Kings.

Elkin King as Chief Operating Officer at Fulford’s Elite Sports Management

On September 6, 1985, Elkin’s father passed away in a plane crash and named himself Elkin Simpson Jr.

Moreover, Elkin worked as a Chief Operating Officer(COO) for her sports management company, King Management Group.

After authorities took his mother into custody, and she began serving a life sentence behind bars, he used to say:

when my mother gets out of prison we’re going to be rich…”

The producer of American Gangster: Trap Queen, Andrena Hale, also confirmed that Elkin had moved to Hollywood so that he could make money by selling his mother’s story.

Moreover, according to Daily Mail, host Johnathan Walton also spoke about how she plans to make income from her life story. He stated:

She’s planning a big comeback. She wants a book, she wants a movie, she wants an Anna Delvey-type comeback. She wants HBO and other streamers to back the truck up and pay her for her life story.

Besides that, she has two other sons, Forest III and Joseph King, with her third husband, Forest King Jr.

Court Ordered Peggy Fulford to Pay $5.7 million to the Victims

Peggy Fulford got caught by the judges as they carefully added up the money she owed different people.

Judge Ellison ordered her to return $132,123 to Hilliard, $3,013,184 to Williams, $1,395,984 to Best and $1,243,579 to Rodman.

Accordingly, Peggy did wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering to the athletes and filled her bank account with their personal money.

With that money, she lived a lavish life and spent tens of thousands of dollars on real estate and jewelry.

Moreover, she lived in a private mansion and drove some luxury cars, including Bentleys and Maseratis.

As a result, Peggy Fulford deceived her clients and accumulated assets and income worth more than $2 million.

However, Peggy Fulford was released early from jail and moved to a halfway house, where she is supposed to reside until April 2026.

Additional Information

  • American Gangster: Trap Queen is a docuseries that follows the people who were involved in fraud, drug dealing and theft.
  • Elkin King also runs a YouTube channel under his own name and has few subscriber of 488.
  • Peggy Fulford also filed a wrongful deathsuit against the airline company in which her ex-husband had died.


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