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Autumn Nielsen, The Owner Of Western Spitfire, Is One Of The Cast In The Circle Season 6

Autumn Nielsen, the fitness fanatic, flexes her muscles and lifts motivation.

Autumn Nielsen is a 21-year-old contestant on The Circle Season 6. She is a fitness coach and social media influencer who also owns a merchandise store called Western Spitfire. 

The Circle is a Netflix reality series that will premiere its sixth Season on April 17, 2024.

The show, hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, features contestants competing to become the top influencers in the ultimate social media challenge.

Unlike some of her fellow players who may be catfishing, Autumn is playing as herself in the show.

The twist this season? For the first time, an AI bot named Max is also in the game, which aims to outsmart the human players.

Max, a 26-year-old veterinary intern from the Midwest, has studied past seasons and created the perfect profile to become the most popular player.

Autumn Nielsen Is The Youngest Contestant Of The Circle Season 6

Autumn Nielsen is a 21-year-old contestant of The Circle Season 6 from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

She is a social media influencer and has a following of 273K on her Instagram and 780+k on her Tiktok.

Autumn shares photos and videos related to fitness, modeling, and lifestyle in her posts and videos.

As described in her LinkedIn Profile, she holds certifications as a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Specialist.

She works as a dedicated fitness coach at Kickoff, providing nutrition plans and personalized exercise to the clients.

Autumn also offers personal guidance via text, calls, and the app five days a week. 

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Nielsen also owns Western Spitfire, the official merchandise store that sells various products related to Autumn.

It has a variety of stylish t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs adorned with Western Spitfire designs.

Autumn Nielsen’s Relationship Status With Lukas Karmuza

Autumn Nielsen has a partner named Lukas Karmuza, who is also a fitness coach and trainer.

She has playfully hinted at her relationships in her Instagram posts with Lukas, however the precise year they started dating is not known.

They both share their love and passion for fitness and perform workouts together.

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Similarly, they work in collaboration with each other for their merchandise store, Western Spitfire.

Moreover, her social media profiles, including Instagram primarily focus on fitness, lifestyle, and humor rather than relationship.

Additional Information

  • In The Circle Season 6, there are 11 contestants competing for the title of top influencer in the ultimate social media challenge.
  • Three contestants are playing as catfish, assuming different personas this season: Brandon as “Olivia,” Caress as “Paul,” and A.I. bot catfishing as “Max.”
  • The first four episodes of the series premiered on April 17 on Netflix, with new episodes rolling out every Wednesday leading up to the finale on May 8.
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