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Does Storm Get Her Powers Back In X-Men 97? Jean And Beast’s Reverse Effect Probability

Storm, AKA Ororo Monroe, loses her power due to a radiation laser attack from X-Cutioner in Epidose 2 of X-Men ’97. Unfortunately, the Female Superhero won’t be able to use her mutant power, i.e., control the weather again.

The X-Men series is back after more than 25 years, and the Superheroes are ready to face extreme challenges like before.

Thankfully, the storyline in X-Men ’97 from the Animated Series has continuity, taking Marvel fans back to the ’90s.

Unsurprisingly, Storm is the first superhero re-introduced in the new series, with Magneto leading the X-Men.

Storm’s Fate From Weather Goddess To Being Powerless In X-Men ’97

The first and second episodes of X-Men ’97 showcased Storm’s mutant power from causing massive rains to explosive lightning.

In episode 2, X-Cutioner attacks Magneto with a radiation laser gun during the X-Men’s leader trial against humanity.

Still, Strom chose to protect her boss and got hit by radiation.

Better the X-men hero knew, she could lose all of her power due to an unfortunate attack while protecting Magneto.

Magneto became the new leader following the death of Professor X, who battled in a Coma for several years.

Magneto, in quite a rage, pleads for a chance to fulfill Professor X’s dream of the coexistence of mutants and humans instead of attacking the X-Cutioner and taking revenge for Storm.

Ororo Monroe is not in awe of any pain, but her power being snatched makes her vulnerable like humans.

Moreover, the superhero vows to leave the group towards the end of Episode 2.

Jennifer Hale did try to convince Storm to contribute to X-men as a human, but she flees after leaving a note.

Wil Storm Get Her Power Back? Comics Theory Explained

In the X-Men comics, Storm faced similar circumstances but regained the Mutant Power with Hank McCoy’s (Forge Beast) reverse-engineering skills.

Initially, Storm leaves the X-Men for peace of mind in her parents’ home in Africa,

Shortly, the weather controller regains her confidence by saving a poor mother and her child and returns to the X-Men camp.

Storm leaves for Africa in X-Men comics after losing her power.

However, in the series, Storm left the X-Men but for an unknown destination, and her status as an ex-Omega-level mutant seems permanent.

The X-Men losing one of the vital member’s power in the early part of the continued series can be devastating.

Moreover, considering the Mutants have become even more powerful the X-Men will have quite disadvantage without Storm.

The odds of Weather Goddess gaining the power are extremely low, but when Jean McCosit and Beast work together for Mutant Reverse Complex, there are still high hopes.

In upcoming episodes, Jean And Beast could find the reverse effect of X-Cutioner’s Rifle and help Ororo Monroe to inflict blizzards and massive maelstroms again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Voice Actor Of Storm In X-Men ’97?

Alison Sealy Smith, the original voice actor for Strom In X-Men Animated, features again alongside Cathal Dodd(Wolverine).

When Will Episode 3 Of The X-Men ’97 Series Air?

Marvel Fans can watch the third episode of X-Men 97 on March 27 on platforms such as Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix.

How Many Seasons And Episodes Will X-Men ’97 Will Have?

Three seasons, featuring 10 episodes each, are planned for X-Men 97, with a second season already in development.

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