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The Ghoul Is Not Inherently Bad In Fallout Series Despite His Ghastly Appearance

The Ghoul survived for over 219 years after the incident.

Although Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, may have an intimidating exterior, he is not entirely bad, and his main goal in the Fallout TV series is to reconnect with his past.

Ghoul refers to humans who have transformed due to prolonged exposure to radiation resulting from the Great War’s nuclear apocalypse.

The Ghoul is a cool character with an interesting, tragic backstory in the Fallout series.

Cooper Howard, portrayed by Walton Goggins, also known as The Ghoul, is one of the main characters in the series.

Before the Great War of 2077, he was a film actor, but later, he became a ghoul due to radiation exposure.

The Ghouls Mysterious Past From Successful Actor

Copper Howard, born before the Great War, served in the United States Marine Corps during the Sino-American War.

He witnessed the desperate defense of Alaska, where the deployment of West Tek’s T-45 power armor played a crucial role in holding the line against the enemy.

After his honorable discharge, Cooper Howard became a high-profile Western actor. He starred in movies like A Man and His Dog, co-starring with his dog, Roosevelt.

Additionally, he worked as an actor and model for Vault-Tec, participating in promotional campaigns for Vault 4.

Unfortunately, Cooper Howard underwent ghoulification and became a ghoul after the Great War.

His transformation into a ghoul resulted from the widespread radiation that followed the harsh realities of the wasteland.

The Transformation Of Cooper Howard To The Ghoul Does Not Make Him Bad

Cooper Howard’s transformation into a ghoul resulted from the post-war radiation, and he adapted to the severe wasteland environment.

Like many ghouls, he faces prejudice and challenges due to his appearance, but his actions and motivations are complex.

Some see him as a hero, while others view him with suspicion, as he has a complex background. This contributes to the perception of him as a protagonist and antagonist.

As a ghoul, Cooper resorts to killing and torturing to survive; however, he isn’t a mindless killer.

Even as a ghoul, Cooper’s main motive is to find his daughter and wife, whom he lost during the apocalypse. 

He is not killing without reason; his actions are driven by his family ties and the desire to reunite with them.

His determination to find them drives him forward, making him the only ghoul who has survived for so long.

Moreover, he is one of the protagonists after Lucy and Maximus. The scene where The Ghoul cuts Lucy’s finger occurs after she bites his finger during an exchange.

It seems to be part of a tense situation in which The Ghoul takes Lucy hostage. This action might not align with the typical behavior expected from a protagonist.

Still, in complex narratives, characters often face morally unclear situations that challenge their roles and the audience’s expectations.

Despite his Ghoul form, he clings to his past as a family man. He doesn’t fit into the good or bad role; instead, his acts are based on his needs and survival instinct.

Additional Information

  • Ghoulification leads to various changes, including ravaged skin, exposed muscle, and often a loss of hair and nose.
  • The name of the ghoul’s daughter in the Fallout series is Janey.
  • The Ghoul wife in the series is Barb Howard.
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Sangita Budhathoki
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