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The Notorious Infamy of Chef Cesar Roman: A Tale of the King of Cachopo in Cooking Up Murder Docuseries

Roman was ordered to pay over $ 140,000 to each of Paz's children.

Cesar Roman, known as the King of Cachopo, was convicted of the murder charge of his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Paz, in June 2021, a case that was later explored in the documentary “Cooking Up Murder.”

Cesar Roman is a Spanish chef who gained fame for his culinary skills in preparing a traditional Spanish dish called Cachopo.

He was often called the King of Cachopo and became famous in Madrid for launching a small chain of restaurants specializing in Cachopo.

This title described his expertise and success in the restaurant industry before the events that led to his conviction.

However, the famous chef became infamous for his involvement in a serious crime when he was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Paz.

The Twisted Journey of Spain’s Famous Chef Cesar Roman

Cesar Roman grew up in Spain and worked as a waiter and cook. As observed in videos, he appears to be in his mid-forties and has an average or slightly below-average height for a man, possibly around 5 ft or less.

He was a member of the Spanish Falange, a far-right conservative political party.

Roman joined unions and left-wing groups to inform his party and presided over the conservative Platform for Catalonia party in Madrid. However, he disappeared without paying employees.

Then after, he managed bars and launched his own magazine, Ahora Malaga, but he also faced financial troubles.

After all this failure and downfall, he moved to Madrid and became famous for cooking at his A Canada DELIC restaurants.

Cesar Roman’s Transition From King of Cachopo to Criminal Notoriety

Cesar Roman had an ex-wife named Natividad Rodríguez, with whom he shares a daughter named Elena.

They parted ways in 2017, and Natividad secured a restraining order against him due to his abusive behavior. Additionally, she claimed that he harmed and killed three dogs.

After separating from his ex-wife, Cesar met Heidi, who began working at the cider house he ran in Madrid.

Their professional relationship soon turned romantic, and they moved in together. However, by June 2018, Heidi began to doubt their relationship and decided to leave.

Despite this, she agreed to meet with César on August 5th, 2018, at their shared home. Tragically, this meeting turned out to be the last time she was seen alive.

The motive behind the murder, as reported, was that Cesar Roman could not accept the end of their relationship.

After the murder, Cesar fled Madrid, presumably heading to Zaragoza. He rented a warehouse on August 13th, where Heidi’s dismembered body was later found inside a suitcase.

Roman used a fake name to avoid capture and found work in another kitchen. Despite this, authorities arrested him in November 2018 following a relentless search.

Despite maintaining his innocence, he was eventually found guilty in 2021, resulting in a 15-year prison sentence.

A documentary titled “Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of the King” is available on Netflix and covers the story of Cesar Roman.

It delves into his rise in the culinary world, his notoriety for creating a chain of restaurants, and the subsequent crime that led to his conviction.

This documentary provides a comprehensive view of the events and the following investigation.

Watching it could offer you more insights into his life and the case’s circumstances.

Additional Information

  • Cesar Roman is currently serving a 15-years prison sentence in Soto del Real Penitentiary Center.
  • In April 2024, he confessed for the first time to killing Paz.
  • The Criminal Chamber of Spain’s Supreme Court rejected his appeal in November 2022, confirming Román’s sentence.
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