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The Main Highlight For JJK Chapter 258 Spoilers Is The Comeback Of Gojo Satoru

Sukuna will face off against Gojo in JJK 258.

JJK Chapter 258 spoilers reveal the return of Gojo Satoru, and he’s back for revenge. His Unlimited Jujutsu domain is making waves, and fans are excited to see him in action again.

The last chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen saw an intense development. Sukuna regained his powers, which put the sorcerers in a very difficult situation.

Additionally, after Sukuna’s second Black Flash, fans eagerly wonder what the King of Curses has in store for the sorcerers.

Then, chapter 257 shows Yuji Itadori back at full strength, fighting intense battles and regaining new power from the Blackflash.

So, in this chapter, fans can expect an extreme fight between Sukuna, Yuji, and Gojo after they have all regained their power.

Sukuna Might Face Off Against Gojo Satoru In JJK Chapter 258

In Chapter 258, there’s speculation that Sukuna might face off against Gojo Satoru within an active domain.

This battle between Sukuna and Gojo in JJK is an epic showdown that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

After Gojo’s previous loss to Sukuna, this chapter will feature another showdown between them, and it’ll be exciting to see who will emerge victorious.

Their previous fight ended with Sukuna slicing Gojo in half, leaving fans in awe of the power dynamics between these two extraordinary beings.

Gojo is known for his overwhelming strength, especially with his Six Eyes technique and limitless cursed technique.

Similarly, Sukuna possesses immense cursed energy and has twenty fingers, each containing a fragment of his power.

Moreover, after gaining more power, their clash is a battle of titans, with both sides pushing their limits.

The Mechanics Of How Gojo’s Black Flash Work Is Disclosed

Gojo will likely use the Black Flash during his showdown with Sukuna and Yuji in this chapter.

This phenomenon in JJK amplifies a user’s physical strike when cursed energy is applied to it within one millionth of a second.

As seen in Chapter 256, Sukuna uses his second black flash against Maki to bring him back to power.

Moreover, unleashing the Black Flash requires incredible concentration and immense skill.

Gojo has previously used the black flash against Ryomen Sukuna in Shinjuku during the brutal blitz of punches.

So, Gojo Satoru demonstrates and explains the mechanics of black flash against Yuji in chapter 258. 


  • Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 258 will officially release on April 21, 2024.
  • Gojo Satoru was killed by Sukuna in chapter 236 using his powerful abilities and he’ll return to life in chapter 258.
  • In JJK, Nanami holds the record for the most consecutive Black Flashes that is four times.
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