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David Yong’s Family has been Doing Business in Asia for More than Three Generations

David Yong comes in the list of being Singapore's top 1% super rich.

David Yong, featured in the TV series Super Rich in Korea, comes from a wealthy family with a Business background. His father is the founder of Evergreen Group Holdings, a multi-national enterprise in Singapore.

Super Rich in Korea is a new series that premiered on Netflix on May 7, 2024, featuring a diverse cast from various parts of the world.

It offers viewers a glimpse into the ultra-luxurious lives of five of the world’s wealthiest individuals living in Korea.

Yong is one of the cast members of the reality series. Originally from Singapore, he is a Lawyer, Businessman, and musical artist currently based in South Korea.

Alongside Yong, other members of the Netflix show are Yoo Hee Ra, Anna Kim, Teodoro Marani, and Noor Naim.

David Yong Family has Undoubtedly Contributed to his Success as an Entrepreneur

David Yong, the CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, hails from a family deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit.

His father, Yong Ing Fatt, is a visionary person and the company’s founder. Fatt paved the way for what has become a significant player in the industry.

While details about his mother are not widely publicized, it is clear that the familial bond plays a significant role in David’s life.

Similarly, he has a younger brother, Yong Khung Sen, who is a CPRO for the family company Evergreen Group Holdings.

Over the years, the Yong family’s business has evolved a lot. They have transitioned from the timber trade to establishing a robust presence in real estate.

Ultimately, they now have a diversifying business in the dynamic world of finance.

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David Yong also has his own investment company, which has seen him traverse the skies of Asia aboard his private jet.

He came to Korea three years ago to invest in the vibrant K-pop industry, recognizing Korean entertainment’s global influence and excellence.

Yong has an impressive collection of 11 luxurious cars, including the epitome of luxury, a Rolls-Royce.

Moreover, owning a private jet and a Rolls Royce symbolizes his success and the high standards he sets in his personal and professional life.

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In addition to his business ventures, David has made significant contributions to the music industry as a K-pop singer.

His investment in the independent record company Attrakt shows his commitment to entertainment.

Moreover, he is also the “Influencer CEO” and has over 100k followers on Instagram.

Additional Information

  • David Yong has a law degree with second-upper-class honors from the University of Bristol, UK.
  • Yong is dedicated to social responsibility with the establishment of Evergreen Foundation in 2020, which focuses on advancements in medical healthcare and education.
  • David have 15.8K subscribers in his YouTube channel where he posts his songs.
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