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Teodoro Marani, Star of “Super Rich In Korea,” Ditched his Family Legacy to Carve Out his Destiny

Teo has traveled all over the world to source the best ingredients for his production.

Teodoro Marani, featured on Netflix’s “Super Rich In Korea,” originates from a wealthy family and is the son of the CEO of the esteemed Asian handbag brand, Henry Beguelin.

Super Rich In Korea” is a television series that explores the luxury lifestyle of a multimillionaire residing in Korea and the reasons behind their choice to live there.

Teodoro Marani, affectionately known as Teo, is a charming personality in the TV show who never loses a chance to flirt.

Moreover, Teo is a founder of LOOP Trading, an import-export business specializing in food and beverage products in South Korea.

Teodoro Marani Chose to Forge his Own Path to Success, Stepping Away From the Family Legacy Business

Teo Marani, born in Milan, Italy, has established himself as a renowned Chef and Entrepreneur in Seoul, Korea, over the past three years.

Teodoro Marani family owns the renowned bag brand Henry Beguelin and ranks among Korea’s wealthiest families.

Within his family, Teo has a sister, brother, and grandparents, all of whom are actively engaged in the family business.

Teo previously shared glimpses of his family time on his old Instagram posts, but currently, he appears to be prioritizing his professional growth.

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Teo father, Tullio Marani, is the CEO of Henry Beguelin. Tullio wanted his son Teo to run his family business, but Teo had his own plans.

From a young age, Teodoro was interested in the business of food and beverages, which is why he pursued a degree in Business Hospitality.

Aiming to establish his own identity, Teo resisted his father’s wishes and embarked on his own path, venturing into the food and beverage industry to launch his own business.

Following his departure from his father’s established business, Teo appears to have a bittersweet relationship with him.

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Moreover, Teo currently engages in various business ventures, serving as a chef, barista, restaurant manager, distributor, and culinary instructor.

Teodoro Marani’s venture, LOOP Trading, has grown as a successful enterprise, developing a commercial link between Italian and Korean cultures.

Likewise, Marani’s Gin, crafted from Portofino’s Botanical Gardens, has earned honors as an Italian award-winning Gin, highlighting his passion for the beverage sector.

Overall, Teo leads a wealthy and successful life by establishing his own identity and showcasing his experiences and lifestyle on the TV show “Super Rich In Korea.”

Additional Information

  • Teodoro Marani is an ambassador for the Italian way of life, bridging European and Asian cultures through food and drink.
  • Super Rich In Korea premiered its first episode on May 7, 2024 (South Korea), introducing five participants: Thodoro, David, Anna, Noor, and Hee Ra.
  • The show merges the charm of Singapore’s elite, Arab glamour, Pakistani royalty, and Italian style, united by a passion for Korean culture.
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