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Tell Them You Love Me: Derrick Johnson’s Parents Separated When He Was Young

Anna Stubblefield was terminated from job at the Rutgers University after her arrest.

Derrick Johnson is a non-verbal with cerebral palsy. Despite health challenges, his mother stood through thick and thin while his father left the family.

The 30-year-old nonverbal Derrick Johnson came to the limelight with the controversy involving Anna Stubblefield, his caregiver and a professor at Rutgers University.

Anna found guilty of making an indecent move towards Derrick, who is eleven years her junior, was taken into custody.

Following the shocking revelation, Anna’s marriage with her husband, Roger, fell apart.

The controversy will feature in director Nick August-Perna’s upcoming documentary, Tell Them You Love Me, which will be released on June 14, 2024.

Derrick Johnson’s Mother, Daisy, Stood Like a Pillar of Resilience in the Face of Adversity

His mother, Daisy, single-handedly raised Derrick and his brother, John Johnson, after their father abandoned the family.

While details of Derrick’s father remain unknown, the Johnson brothers never felt the need to have a father figure because of their mother.

Daisy and John became Derrick’s main sources of support, always believing in his potential to communicate with them one day.

Though Daisy was a devoted mother, she was also a protective mother, like any other mother, who would guard her child from harm.

Her protective nature was evident when Anna confronted her about her relationship with Derrick.

Daisy fought the urge to react strongly with the fear of getting noticed as the stereotypical “angry Black woman.”

This speaks volumes about Daisy’s unconditional love for Derrick.

John Johnson’s Parental Role in Brother Derrick Johnson’s Life

Derrick’s brother, John, played an important role in shaping his life alongside his supportive mother.

In fact, he was the one who introduced Anna to Derrick, hoping to unfold his non-verbal brother’s hidden potential.

Nonetheless, John was completely unaware that Anna would soon have a romantic relationship with Derrick.

Speaking of his career, John boasts lengthy experience of over two decades across educational levels.

John Johnson, Jr. is an assistant professor of history at Saint Peter’s University. He has a Ph.D. degree in American Studies from Rutgers University-Newark.

He was a fellow at the Clement A. Price Institute and the executive director of Newark Celebration 350.

John Johnson is married and shares three children: twins Avery and Benjamin and an aspiring boxer, Ruben, with his wife Lauren. The family of five currently lives in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Where are Derrick Johnson and Anna Stubblefield Now?

Tell Them You Love Me Derrick Johnson and Anna Stubblefield are no longer in contact with each other.

The non-verbal man, Derrick, now lives with his mother, Daisy, and hasn’t seen Anna since 2011.

Likewise, born with severe cerebral palsy, Derrick no longer uses facilitated communication as of now.

Meanwhile, Anna Stubblefield now maintains a private life away from the spotlight. She was behind bars for two years before a court overturned her sentence in June 2017.

The ex-Rutgers professor maintains a low profile across social media platforms. As of now, little to no information about her whereabouts is available.

Additional Information

  • Anna Stubblefield was married to her husband, Roger Stubblefield, a classical composer with whom she shared two children.
  • While not working, Derrick Johnson’s brother John Johnson enjoys cycling, watching basketball, fencing, and exploring music genres like hip-hop, R&B, the Blues, and Rock and Roll.
  • With over two decades of teaching experience across educational levels, John is committed to supporting first-generation college students.
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