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Kendall Toole’s Net Worth in 2024 Following Her Peloton Departure

Kendall Toole describes herself as a natural born fighter .

Kendall Elizabeth Toole, who announced her departure from Peloton after nearly five years, has an estimated net worth of around $3 million as of 2024.

Kendall Toole is a fitness instructor who gained popularity through her work with Peloton, leading cycling, boxing, and strength workouts.

Born on January 28, 1993, she has worked as an actress and is known for her roles in the Pentunia and Little Canyon short films.

Moreover, she has worked on a three-episode stint on the 2012 musical comedy Frat House Musical.

Recently, she announced her departure from Peloton and expressed gratitude for the experience and personal growth she gained there.

Kendall Toole’s Financial Standing After Her Significant Career Move

As of 2024, Kendall Toole‘s net worth is estimated at $3 million. This range accounts for her earnings, investments, and assets earned from her career as a fitness instructor, actress, and social media personality.

The average monthly income for a fitness instructor in the United States can vary widely.  According to recent data, the average salary is approximately $46,681 annually, which would be about $3,890 per month.

Likewise, high-profile fitness instructors like Kendall Toole may earn more due to their brand, endorsements, and following.

This figure reflects her success and influence as a fitness instructor and her engagements in other areas, such as acting and social media. Her diverse career and talents have contributed to her financial standing.

Moreover, she has announced her departure from Peloton, which could be a pivotal turn in her career and potentially influence her net worth.

However, she has stated, “I will see you in the next chapter,” indicating that something exciting is on the horizon.

We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and upcoming projects.

Kendall Toole’s Journey From the Screen to the Gym

Kendall Toole’s career has been quite inspiring, from actress to fitness instructor.

She started as an actress, appearing in short movies, but her path took a turn toward fitness when Peloton approached her.

After college, she began teaching at a boxing fitness studio in West Hollywood and another in LA.

Her love for boxing started in college when her film mentor, who owned a boxing gym, introduced her to the sport.

Boxing became more than just a sport for her; it was a form of therapy and a way to navigate her mental challenges.

Kendall’s transition to becoming a fitness instructor happened somewhat unexpectedly.

She joined the company as a cycling instructor in September 2019 after Pelton contacted her directly.

Although she wasn’t an expert in cycling initially, she learned quickly and became a leading figure in health and fitness.

Moreover, with a background in cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, and boxing, Kendall has certainly made a significant impact in the fitness community.

Additional Information

  • Kendall Toole is not married but has been in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Joseph Nicholas.
  • Her family includes her father Rick Toole, mother Suesie and brother Shannon.
  • She studied business and film at the University of Southern California.
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