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George Rexstrew As Edwin Paine Choose Not To Enter The Afterlife In Dead Boy Detectives

Charles has an infinite backpack.

In the series Dead Boy Detectives, George Rexstrew portrays Edwin Paine, a character who, along with his partner Charles Rowland, opts to remain on Earth rather than pass on to the afterlife. 

Dead Boy Detectives is an American TV series that spans multiple genres, including comedy, supernatural horror, and occult detective.

It is based on the DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner and developed by Steve Yockey.

The main characters are George Rexstrew’s Edwin Paine and Jayden Revri’s Charles Rowland.

The premise follows Charles and Edwin, two deceased boys who decide to remain on Earth to solve crimes involving the supernatural.

Alongside them is Crystal Palace, a forecaster who helps them solve mysteries for their supernatural client. 

Their adventures become more complicated when a powerful witch enters the scene.

George Rexstrew As Edwin Paine Choose To Remain On Earth As A Spirit In Dead Boy Detectives

Edwin Paine is a spirit who is already deceased and chooses to remain on Earth, teaming up with Charles Rowland to solve supernatural mysteries.

He is more academic and interested in reading among other detectors and a ghost from the World War I era.

Correspondingly, Edwin’s backstory is quite tragic; in 1916, he was a student at St. Hilarion’s boarding school for boys. Unfortunately, he was killed by bullies who offered up his soul to Hell.

He spent more than 70 years being tormented in Hell before escaping and meeting Charles Rowland.

Their shared experiences and the bond they form lead them to become the Dead Boy Detectives. Together, they solve supernatural mysteries on Earth.

The duo’s adventures lead them to encounter lost souls, demonic exes, and agents of Death, all while navigating their complex feelings.

Later, they form a trio with the addition of Crystal Palace, a psychic who acts as a relationship between the living and the ghostly detectives.

Their agency navigates the world of ghosts, demons, and other paranormal phenomena, creating an intriguing and otherworldly adventure.

A Supernatural Detective Charles Rowland’s Adventure From Human To Ghost

The next detective, Charles, was once an everyday youth living at a traditional English boarding school in 1990.

His life took an unexpected turn when the school was suddenly flooded with the immortal souls of deceased former teachers and students.

Unfortunately, Charles becomes a ghost and investigates supernatural crimes with his fellow ghost detective, Edwin Paine.

Edwin and Charles share a deep and complex relationship in the Dead Boy Detectives series.

Together, they solve mysterious cases and navigate the afterlife while remaining in the mortal realm.

Moreover, Charles’s character is central to the show’s quirky and entertaining plotline.

His interactions with other characters, including the psychic Crystal, add depth to the narrative.

Additional Information

  • This show is set to premiere on Netflix on April 25, 2024.
  • There are total 8 episodes in the first season of this series with unique title “The Case of Crystal Palace” and “The Case of the Hungry Snake”.
  • The characters Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine first appeared in The Sandman, a comic book written by Neil Gaiman.
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